The Division 2 - How To Get The Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun

Sweet Dreams

The Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun is a good option for people who tend to play the PvP oriented parts of The Division 2. This is mainly down to one of its perks. When you damage an enemy with the Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun, the Sandman perk means they cannot use armor kits or receive any healing. This makes it much easier to finish off an enemy Agent in the Dark Zone, or the Conflict PvP mode. It's not very strong for PvE, but if you want to get your hands on it, read on to find out how.

How To Get The Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun

The Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun is a random drop from named Outcast enemies. It seems to have a pretty low drop chance, so getting your hands on it could turn into a bit of a grind. You should be able to swing the odds a bit more in your favor by playing on harder difficulties, however.

What you really want to do is grind content that involves the Outcasts. It not a bad idea to check your Bounties in the map menu to see if there are any Outcast ones as they all involve hunting down and killing a named enemy.

You can also grind missions such as the DCD Headquarters, Potomac Event Center, and the Roosevelt Island Stronghold. DCD Headquarters is a reasonable quick mission and might be your best bet for this weapon. 

It is also worth noting, if you are playing with friends and you already have the weapon, and it drops for you again, then you can give that drop to a buddy in your group. It seems teamwork really does make the Sweet Dreams work, after all!

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