How to get the Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Detective Pikachu

For a limited time in Pokémon Go, you can get your hands on a Detective Pikachu. The hyper-cute, hat wearing detective can be added to your collection if you are lucky enough to get photobombed by him. From May 7 to May 17, you will have the chance to get this special version of Pikachu. Unlike other Pokémon in the game, you won't find him by wandering around the real world however.

How to get the Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Go

The only way to get Detective Pikachu is if he photobombs you. To do this, just take pictures of any Pokémon in your collection. Just go into your list of Pokémon and select the one you want to photograph, then select the camera icon and take the picture. At the end of your play session, just check the photo to see if Detective Pikachu appeared in it. If he did, then he will also be on the map, and you can go and catch him before he runs off to solve a mystery.

If you want to get a Detective Pikachu for your collection, be sure to do this often, as it is unlikely that he will return after this special event for the launch of the movie is over. Well, I guess they could bring him back to celebrate when the movie comes out on Blu-ray, but you don't exactly want to assume that will happen. 

There are all sorts of other things you can do during the event, such as enjoy the increased encounters with Pokémon that appear in the movie, take part in special Raid Battles, or get special tie-in Detective Pikachu clothes for your avatar.

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