How To Fast Travel In Rage 2

Rage 2 Fast Travel

Rage 2 has a pretty big map, and while you do get some pretty nice vehicles to drive around, you might want to save some time now and again by using Fast Travel. While Fast Travel in the game is pretty limited, it can still be a major time saver when you have to cross the whole map to get to where you need to be.

How To Fast Travel In Rage 2

Fast Travel Map

In Rage 2, you can only Fast Travel between the three major settlements. These are Gunbarrel, Wellspring, and Lagooney. Once you visit any of the settlements, you will be able to Fast Travel to and from there. You can Fast Travel to any of the settlements that you have visited just by clicking on them from the map screen, and you will be transported right to the gate, along with whatever vehicle you are currently in.

If you want to get to any other place, you will need to use a vehicle to do it. The easiest thing to do is just Fast Travel to the nearest settlement to the place you are going, then continue on from there in a vehicle. You will unlock a flying vehicle later in the game that you might just enjoy more than fast traveling, so keep that in mind.

There are no other Fast Travel points in the game; it is just the three major settlements that you can Fast Travel to. This is good news if you are running low on supplies, as you can just quickly get to the settlement and stock up on the things you need. Be sure you check the Bounty Boards while you are there, as they can be great ways to earn some extra cash.

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