Pokémon GO - Burmy Plant, Sandy, and Trash Cloaks and Evolution To Wormadam and Mothim

Pokemon GO

Burmy was introduced to Pokémon GO in a recent update. Burmy is a Bug-type Pokémon and can be found in various forms in the game. All three types of Burmy can be found in the wild, but unlike in other games, they will retain their form and cannot be changed. The three different types are Sandy, Plant, and Trash.

How To Find Burmy In Pokémon GO

Burmy seems to enjoy hanging out in environments that suit his "Cloak," that is to the say his Sandy, Plant, or Trash forms. If you want to find a specific Burmy Cloak, it seems that searching in the following places can be a big help.

  • Sandy Cloak - beaches or other sandy areas.
  • Plant Cloak - Parks, forests, and grassy places.
  • Trash Cloak - cities, towns, and other urban areas. 

This makes Burmy pretty localized, depending on which form you are looking for. The different cloaks appear to be tied to the types of places listed above. As such, if you live pretty far from a beach, you might need to get inventive when it comes to getting your hands on a Sandy Cloak Burmy. 

How To Evolve Burmy Into Wormadan And Mothim

Just like Burmy, Wormadam comes in three forms, and whichever form you get will depend on the Burmy that you evolve! That is not the end of the complication either, as Wormadam will only evolve from female Burmy, while male Burmy will evolve into Mothim. 

To evolve Burmy into Wormadam, you will need to do the following.

  • Plant Cloak Burmy (Female) - use 50 Burmy Candy to evolve into Plant Cloak Wormadam (Bug/Grass-type)
  • Sandy Cloak Burmy (Female) - use 50 Burmy Candy to evolve into Sandy Cloak Wormadam (Bug/Ground-type)
  • Trash Cloak Burmy (Female) - use 50 Burmy Candy to evolve into Trash Cloak Wormadam (Bug/Steel-type)

To evolve Burmy in Mothim, things are a little simpler. Mothim only has one form, so the type of Burmy you use to evolve him doesn't matter. The Burmy will need to be male, but once you give 50 Burmy Candy to either a Sandy, Plant, or Trash Cloak Burmy, then you will get a Mothim.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get Burmy, and how to evolve them into Wormadam and Mothim in Pokemon GO. 

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