Warframe - How To Find And Kill The Ropalolyst


The Jovian Concord has just arrived in Warframe, bringing the Ropalolyst fight with it. The Ropalolyst is a new Eidolon fight that takes place on Jupiter. Finding the fight is very easy, as you can just load into it from the Navigation menu. Just click on Jupiter, and once you have the Chimera Prologue story complete, it should be there for you.

How To Kill The Ropalolyst

Now, this fight has just arrived in the game, and it is a little buggy. I have killed the Ropalolyst a couple of times now, but I might be missing some details or nuance. I will be updating this guide over the next 24 hours with anything new that I learn. For the most part, it seems fairly straight forward once you know what you are doing.

Step 1

Just follow the waypoint to the boss; this bit is pretty standard for Assassination missions in Warframe. When you arrive at the checkpoint, just hit the button to start the fight.

Step 2

The first thing you need to do is light up the three big pylons/generators located around the edge of the arena. To do this, walk out on the cables to the pylon, then aggro the Ropalolyst until it fires a beam at you. Make sure the beams hit the pylon to charge it. Do this with all three pylons before you proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Once all four pylons are lit up, use your Amp to strip the Ropalolyst's shield. Now, when its shield is down, and you are close to it, you can hit X to climb onto the top of it. While up there, you can force it to fly, so fly it into one of the pylons.

Step 4

Now that it is grounded, you can fight it. Just like other Eidolons, you need to take out the weak spots. Just keep repeating the steps of stripping the shield and shooting the weak points. Should you need to, remember to fly it into a pylon to get it back on the platform. Once you have destroyed a weak spot, the boss will be stunned. Keep a close eye on the button on the central platform where the fight takes place. As soon as you can, press it, and it will severely damage the boss.

Step 5

Once you have worn down the Ropalolyst enough, you will notice a massive charge of energy can be fired by hitting the button on the platform. This will kill the Ropalolyst for you in the final stage of the fight. Just hit the button to have the massive charge hit the boss and kill it.

And that is it. As I said, this guide is extremely rough at the moment, in large part to how glitchy the fight is right now. I will continue fighting the Ropalolyst and updating this guide as I go, but this should be enough to get you through the fight. 

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