What Can You Buy With Diamonds in Dr. Mario World?

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Dr. Mario World is out now for Android and iOS. It's a free-to-play game, but there are several ways to spend your hard-earned cash if it's burning a hole through your pocket. The only microtransaction currently available is diamonds, but you'll need this valuable currency to purchase any content in the game. While you don't have to use real money to advance in the game, it does take a considerable amount of time in Dr. Mario World.


Once you’ve gone to the in-game shop and bought your diamonds, you can use them to purchase various power-ups in the game. The first of these unlocks when you reach Stage 10.  That’s when you get the ability to buy power-ups before starting a level. You can either purchase extra capsules to complete the level or choose to start with a fully charged skill bar. Each of these costs 10 diamonds, which works out to about $1 if you buy the smallest diamond pack. Use them carefully. A score bonus and a random power-up are also available for 500 and 200 coins, respectively. Coins do not cost real money and are something all players earn by completing levels and daily missions.

At Stage 18, you can purchase additional items to help you during the level. There's a hammer to destroy obstacles, a capsule blaster to clear all the unused capsules from a level, and a skill filler to instantly give you one use of your doctor’s skill. Like the pre-stage power-ups you can buy, each of these items cost 10 Diamonds for one-time use.


When you beat Stage 20, you have two new ways to use your diamonds. At that point, you can purchase a new doctor or assistant to use. Doctors are your main characters, each with a different skill, and assistants hang around during the level and give you different bonuses. Buying them is the priciest way to spend your diamonds by far. You could easily spend a lot of money without getting anything you want. Purchasing doctors and assistants works on a gacha system, where you receive a random selection for your money rather than purchasing them directly. You have to spend 40 diamonds to roll the dice and receive a random doctor or assistant. If you land on one, you already have their power level increases instead of giving you a new choice. If you don't want to part with 40 diamonds each time you want a new character, you have to save up 4,000 coins for each one, which can take quite a long time.


After Stage 20, you’ll also have a limited amount of hearts to use. You start with five hearts and use one each time you play a level. Hearts replenish slowly over time, but if you don’t want to wait for that to happen, you can spend some of your diamonds to refill five hearts. It costs you 10 diamonds, which does make it a bit cheaper than buying individual items. But if you’re stuck on a level, you could burn through that in a matter of minutes. If that’s the case, you can also buy 60 minutes of unlimited hearts for 30 diamonds and try to power your way through.

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