GTA Online: The Most Expensive Tops Money Can Buy

GTA Online Clothing

You've made a ton of money running drugs and guns and maybe even a nightclub in Los Santos, and you've decided that your avatar could use a little sprucing up but what do you spend your ill-gotten gains on to make you stand out from the crowd? You could start by getting a new haircut, maybe a tattoo or two but at the end of the day the old saying is true. Clothes do make the woman.

So what are the best and, therefore, by default, the most expensive items of clothing that GTA Online has to offer? Well over the next few guides we'll be taking a look at all that is in store for the budding gangsta in you and how much it's going to put a dent in your wallet. In this first part, we cover tops, and you can trust me when I say that these items aren't for the cheapskates of the online world.

GTA Online - Most Expensive Tops Money Can Buy

GTA Online Baseball Tee

Baseball Tees: Flower Fractal

Cost: $150

When you think of baseball, what do you see? Babe Ruth? Hot Dogs at the ballpark? The fantastic Boston Red Sox winning the 2018 World Series? Well, the one thing that you won't see is this trippy 60s throwback the flower fractal baseball tee. It's a tad garish if truth be told, but for only $150, which makes it the cheapest item of clothing on this list, then it's a steal.

GTA Online Leather Hoodie

Hoodies: Black Leather

Cost: $13,050

As soon as you've got about $13,000 free to spend then you should grab the black leather hoodie that's on sale. It looks pretty damn badass, and image means a lot to players in GTA Online so make sure that you're ahead of the curve when it comes to style.

GTA Online Jackets

Jackets: Gold Print

Cost: $50,000

No that's not a misprint, and no I didn't accidentally add one too many zero's to the number it is going to cost you $50,000 to own the gold print jacket. And to be honest, even though it's pretty flashy it does look a little bit washed out. For that price, you'd expect the thing to at least sparkle every time it caught the light.

GTA Online Yellow Smoking Jacket

Lounge Wear: Yellow Smoking Jacket

Cost: $10,500

If you want to live out your Hugh Hefner fantasies, then you're going to need a smoking jacket. And a Playboy mansion. And some bunnies. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here shall we and concentrate on the first part of this. A nice yellow smoking jacket will cost you $10,500, but at least you get to spend all day in your pajamas after you've bought it and who among us doesn't want to be able to do that?

GTA Online Grey Cashmere

Overcoats: Grey Cashmere

Cost: $21,000

A decent overcoat can make you look like a kick-ass gangster when done right or Del Boy Trotter if done wrong and if you have no idea who that is then that's what YouTube is for. If you grab the grey cashmere one at an eye-watering $21,000, then you can rest assured that it will be the former and not the latter that people see when you double-tap them in the head.

GTA Online Red and Black

Polo Shirts: Red Mist XI Dark

Cost: $4,040

You don't need to play polo to wear a polo shirt, and that's quite useful because horses are damn expensive. And where would you store one? Your garage? Yeah, good luck dealing with P.E.T.A there buddy. So settle for the Red Mist XI Dark polo shirt and save yourself the hassle of having to deal with a bunch of vegans baying for your blood.

GTA Online Viper Cross

Racing Jersey: Viper Motocross

Cost: $9,175

If you're going to enter any of the race series, then you might as well dress for the part, and the Viper Motocross jersey is the best and most expensive of the bunch. It is a tad pricey, but then you can always win the money back after a few blasts around one of the game's tracks. At least, if you're any good and if you're not, then you can always jump into a closed friend session and play by yourself. Then you're guaranteed to win.

GTA Online Varsity

SecuroServ: Varsity Jacket

Cost: $6,100

If you spend a lot of your time doing SecuroServ missions in-game, then show the other players in and around Los Santos your loyalty to the company by forking out for the SecuroServ varsity jacket. Just don't be surprised when they riddle you with bullets before tea-bagging your corpse.

GTA Online Gradient

Shirts: Vibrant Gradient Short Sleeve

Cost: $ 10,070

This shirt is without a shadow of a doubt, the singular most violently colored item of clothing that you'll ever see. Whether that's in GTA Online or real life. The only saving grace for this thing is that its short sleeve so there's less material to make you want to honk up your lunch.

GTA Online Stitched Leather

Sports Tops: Stitched Leather Baseball

Cost: $6,925

So you've spent the $150 that it cost to buy the original baseball top and now you're sick to death of people laughing at your cheapness and blowing you up with RPG's because of it. Then it sounds like you're ready to upgrade. Grab yourself the leather stitched baseball top, and you'll look a lot more like a guy or gal that's willing to part with their money to get the best out of life. It won't stop other players exploding you though; some people are just a-holes. 

GTA Online Red Sweater

Sweaters: Red Cardigan

Cost: $12,810

I was going to make a joke about Bill Cosby and his sweater here but then realized that might be a step too far. So don't have much to say about this. It's a cardigan; it's red, it's bloody expensive.

GTA Online Jolly Roger

Tank Tops: Jolly Roger

Cost: $1,005

Everyone loves pirates, and you can now pretend you're part of Blackbeard's crew with the Jolly Roger tank top. It's a stylish little number and well worth the $1,005 bananas it's going to set you back. Galleon is not included though can probably be added to the game via mods. 

GTA Online Gold Shiny Tee

T-Shirts: Gold Shiny

Cost: $5,000

Costing exactly as much as the gold print jacket, which is weird as jackets are tailored and t-shirts are usually knocked up in sweatshops, if you've bought one then you might as well buy the other. Throw in a pair of gold slacks and some gold kicks, and you really will have the Midas touch. Disclaimer: Dressing like this will not allow your character to turn things into gold, simply by touching them.

GTA Online Mustard Vest

Vests: Mustard Pin Stripe Suit Vest

Cost: $4,120

Sometimes you want to get dressed up to the nines in a suit and tie, and every combination of that can be topped off to perfection with the Mustard Pinstripe Vest. Look as dapper as Don Draper as you tear through the streets of Los Santos, shooting innocent passers-by and robbing armored trucks. 

GTA Online Utility Vest

Utility: Extreme Strike

Cost $95,000

*cough* *splutter* Yeah, that' a hefty chunk of swedge to have to layout for something that isn't even bulletproof but as they say, if you've got it, flaunt it.

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