How To Unlock the Four Hidden Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Hidden Characters

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has released for the Nintendo Switch. In it, players are going to take four of their favorite Marvel superheroes to join forces against Thanos and prevent him from acquiring all of the infinity stones. Although some players may want to ensure they have the perfect team to take into combat, and there are four hidden characters in the game, everyone can unlock. We're going to reveal who those characters are, and what players need to do to unlock them.

Hidden Characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How To Unlock Hidden Characters

The hidden characters are in the Infinity Trial section of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The Infinity trials require players to take their ideal team into a small arena and complete a specific task. Should they fail, they fail the trial, but players still have the opportunity to try it again as many times as they need to complete it. 

To unlock the hidden characters, players need to go through the initial Inifty trials in each rift grid. They need to complete each trial and receive all three stars. After they complete the entire grid, another section unlocks where they have must complete a particular trial to unlock the characters. Missing a star on any of the previous trials prevents players from progressing to the final trial.


The first hidden character players have the chance to unlock is Elektra. She's in the first Rift Grid, Gamma, and you should see her icon on the right side of the grid. The earliest opportunity players have to attempt Elektra's trial is following chapter 5, so if you're still trying to acquire her, you need to continue through the game. The trial involves players taking down Kingpin, and you're going to need a level-30 team to fight him. 


The second hidden character available through the Infinity Trials is Magneto, the mutant who can control metal. He's in the second Rift Grid, Psi, located in the upper right part of the network. Players are going to have to fight multiple bosses to unlock the master of metal, and it's a severe trial. You'll need a level-38 team to complete it. 


The third hidden character players can unlock through the Infinity Trials is Loki, the trickster God. You're going to find the trickster in the third Rift Grid, Sigma, and he's at the top. To unlock Loki, you're going to need to defeat the entirety of the Black Order at the same time. You're going to want to take a level-45 team to overcome them. Additionally, this grid should not unlock until you've reached the end of the game, so work your way through the story before looking for the horned trickster.


The final character players can unlock is Thanos, the big baddie of the game and the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. You're going to find the mad titan in the final Rift Grid, Lambda, and he is at the top of the network. Much like Loki, this grid unlocks following the end of the game. To unlock Thanos, players need to a level-65 team to defeat the final challenge. The ultimate trial not only has you fighting The Black Order but a handful of dangerous allies of theirs who are going to make the entire fight a worthwhile experience. Take your time, and make sure you're ready.

Those are of the four hidden characters, and how you go about unlocking them. Good luck in getting there, and enjoy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. 

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