Who is the Flame Emperor in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

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First and foremost, anything down below is MAJOR SPOILERS for Fire Emblem: Three House's story. Reading any more of this article might not only spoil who the Flame Emperor is but the events leading up to the reveal.

What we are trying to tell you is, you've seen the warning, so if you want to enjoy the story on offer and find out the big twist for yourself, then stop reading from here.

If not, well, here we go.

The Flame Emperor is Edelgard and will always be Edelgard no matter which of the three campaigns you choose. I guess it should be obvious, honestly, considering the Flame Emperor is red, has a big ax, and combat stance similar to Edelgard.

She reveals herself during Chapter 11, Throne of Knowledge, on 2/29 which leads to the game's timeskip the month later. The timeskip occurs during the battle at the Monastery against the Empire's forces.

Should you take up Edelgard's class, her original friends will become your followers and turn against her. Should you pick any other class, however, those members of the house could turn against you in the future and quickly become your enemies.

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