How To Farm Animals in No Man's Sky

How to Farm Animals in No Man's Sky

There are several new things for players to do who are now jumping back into No Man's Sky thanks to the recent Beyond update. The update introduces a handful of new gameplay features, along with the new quality of life pieces to make the entire experience more enjoyable. One of the new things players can do in the game is taming animals. When a player tames an animal, they can then begin to use those animals to gather up specific resources, such as milk, eggs, and other farming-based techniques. In this guide, we're going to break down the best ways to farm animals in the game.

Farming Animals in No Man's Sky

Taming Animals

Before you can go about farming any of the animals in the game, you need to tame them, first. Thankfully, we already have a guide breaking down the quickest method to tame any new creature you see during your adventure. Here's the guide for it.

The quick version of that guide is that you need Creature Pellets, a Nutrient Processor, Faecium, and Harvestable Plants to tame it. Scanning the animal tells you what sort of creature pellet you need, and how to make it. You'll gather up the resources and then place them into the Nutrient Processor to make it. When it's finished, you'll feed it to the creature, and it should be easier for you to deal with moving forward.

Milking And Gathering Eggs from Animals

After taming creatures, you're going to learn about some of the more advanced bait they enjoy eating. You'll need to go out of your way to make this next tier of bait, but you're going to acquire some excellent rewards for doing so. You'll have to use the creature's Faecium in the bait, so make sure you've been receiving a reasonable degree of that during your adventure.

Follow the directions for creating the advanced bait. You should see it in your recipes menu if you need to refer to it while you're gathering resources. After you build it, toss the bait down near your newly tamed creatures to have them enjoy the new meal. When you approach them as they're eating, you're going to get the option to 'harvest' the creature. It won't always say 'harvest,' but you're going to get three different types of items from a tamed animal: milk, eggs, or a mineral resource. You have a chance for any three of these items popping up, so you can't always bet you'll get one over another. You'll want to make multiple stacks of the bait to properly farm animals you're taking care of in No Man's Sky. 

You'll need to make sure you align the specific advanced bait with the creature you meet; If you don't, they likely won't have anything for you to harvest after you've tamed them.

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