Borderlands 3: All Easter Eggs

FL4K from Borderlands 3

The Borderlands franchise loves its references, filling the game with pop culture Easter eggs. Back in the Pre-Sequel, there was a certain robotic unicorn gun that always wanted to be with you. Borderlands 3 keeps this trend faithfully alive with equally clever weapons, bosses, and environments.

First listed by IGN, here are all the Easter eggs found in Borderlands 3. Well, the ones we know of so far. We’ll keep it updated, don’t worry.

Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs:

Character Based:
  • Zane’s Captain America reference
    In Zane’s skill tree, there’s a shield icon for the “Take a breather” skill. The quote associated says, “I can do this all day,” a frequently quoted line from Captain America. Mixed with the icon shield, this a shout out to the Marvel hero.

  • Moze’s one liners
    Many characters have their in-game one-liners they drop during battle. Moze specifically has a few that reference various pop culture, such as Ariana Grande lyrics, or “Get good” gaming references.

  • Moxxi’s Tip Jar
    A self-referential, innuendo-filled Easter egg. Like with previous games, flooding Moxxi’s tip jar will reward you with flirtatious weapons. 

Weapons and Items:
  • Buckler Nova Berner Shield
    With “Feel the Bern” as its text, the shield is a shout out to 2016 Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

  • Doom Shotgun: The Speedloadin’ Hellwalker
    Taken right out of Doom, this legendary Jacobs double-barrel shotgun has a nice little guitar solo to go with the bloody, skag slaying shots you’re firing. 

  • Half-Life: The Freeman
    An Atlas brand rocket launcher from the Half-Life series.

  • Splodeos Cereal
    I can only imagine what these will do to your teeth. Whenever you see this little box around, give it a quick shot or punch. 

  • Dr. Disrespect Class Mod
    Found by the Doctor himself, according to Dextero, the operative class mod references his catchphrase for “Violence, speed, and momentum.”

  • Team Rocket
    A legendary grenade called Moxxi's Bouncing Pair has "Prepare for trouble, and make it double." as the flavor text.

  • Penn and Teller
    Renamed Pain and Terror, these two are modeled and voiced by the actual Penn and Teller. Well, Penn’s voice is there.

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Their names are Heckle and Hyde, so it’s not the most subtle of references on Pandora.

  • Rick and Morty
    The two characters Wick and Warty are an apparent reference to Rick and Morty. Upon defeat, they give you a nice weapon.

  • One Punch Man
    As if we needed an enemy that could kill us in one hit, but here we are. One Punch Bandit is a side quest boss that drops the One Punch Chump.

  • Downton Abbey
    Found early in the game, the Varkid fight goes through the entire Crowley family from Downton Abbey. If you’re not too distracted by getting killed by several giant bugs, notice their adorable tophats and mustaches.

  • Game of Thrones
    An enemy called the Mother of Gorgons will occasionally come out and ruin your day. 

  • The Mines of Moira
    A location that references the tomb of Balrin, a character from The Fellowship of the Ring. It will eventually progress into a fight with a Balrog based creature.

These are all the ones identified thus far. Borderlands doesn’t hold back-references, and there are bound to be more just waiting to be caught and understood.

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