Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening On Switch - Where To Find The Five Gold Leaves

Link's Awakening

Richard asks you to get five gold leaves from Kanalet Castle in Link’s Awakening on Switch. If you haven’t reached the Castle yet, be sure to follow this guide on how to get in. Once you do, it is time to start searching for those gold leaves.

Where To Find The Five Gold Leaves

Gold Leaf 1

Gold Leaf 1

From the staircase, you used to get in, head right, then south. You will find a collection of holes in the ground, with a bomber popping up and throwing bombs at you. Kill this enemy to get the first gold leaf.

Gold Leaf 2

Gold Leaf 2

Head back to the stairs you used to get in and continue heading west. You will come to a bird in a tree. Pick up a rock and throw it at it, to make the bird attack you. Kill the bird to get the second gold leaf.

Gold Leaf 3

Gold Leaf 3

Head south and go in the door to the castle. Make your way west, then kill all three enemies that you find there. Killing them causes a gold leaf to fall from the ceiling.

Gold Leaf 4

Head north up the corridor, then make sure you stand on the button at the end of the hall as you head east. This button opens the gates outside. Go up the stairs, into a room that has a lightning enemy. Follow the path around the room to the outside. Head in the middle door, pick up a pot and throw it at the entrance to break it.

Go inside and kill the giant knight. He takes lots of damage, but it is easy to block his attack if you face him with your shield up. Wait until he throws the balls, then hit him. Do this until he dies and he will drop a gold leaf. 

Gold Leaf 5

Head back out of the room and smash all the pots outside and pick up the bomb that drops. Now go back onto the balcony, and in the door on the left. Go back to the room the lightning enemy is in, and head down the stairs to the two broken bits of wall. But a bomb in front of the one on the left. When it explodes, an enemy will come out. Kill them to get the last gold leaf.

Now you have all five gold leaves you can head back to Richard. Be sure to bring a shovel with you. You can buy it from the shop in Mabe Village for 200 Rupees.

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