10 best cars to customize in GTA Online

Make sure you turn heads before capping them.

Grand Theft Auto Online features over 700 vehicles that players can control, and many of those can be purchased and customized to a players’ liking. With so many options, it’s difficult to decide where gamers should put their hard-earned in-game money towards.

Bear in mind that simply having the most customization options doesn’t grant a vehicle a spot on this list, but being able to make the most of every customization option does.

Canis Kamacho – Off-Road

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $345,000 from San Andreas Super Autos

Having an off-road option in the garage becomes an oversight until you’re careening over cliffs in a souped-up sports car, racking up a repair bill with each subsequent flip. The Canis Kamacho fills a void in the modern garage, considering that roughly two-thirds of San Andreas is outside of the city.

Imponte Nightshade – Muscle

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $585,000 from Legendary Motorsport

The selection of the Nightshade comes from its instantly recognizable profile and unique tail lights. While liveries and paints are a thrill with the sleek vehicle, the Nightshade comes into its own by customizing performance to tailor to what player’s preferences.

Declasse Vamos – Muscle

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $596,000 from San Andreas Super Autos

The other muscle option has no substitute with the Vamos. A plethora of options can change the profile of this classic Charger-esque vehicle as long as the player has the pocket-depth necessary to treat her right. A wide variety of hoods, skirts, and grills keeps the vehicle fresh for a daily driver, with reasonable repair bills to boot.

Ubermacht Rebla GTS – SUV

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,175,000 from Legendary Motorsport

At first glance, the Repla GTS could be mistaken for housing a pent-up soccer mom that dreams of escaping the daily grind. Then players start to explore the customization options, give it a spin around the concrete jungle, and a new daily drive is crafted.

The livery options alone for the Rebla GTS punches the vehicle up a few notches, and investing heavily into performance for this luxury SUV will handle the roughest drivers. It takes a lot to stop this SUV, but take note: it can be easy for opponents to shoot your passengers due to the elevation.

Ubermacht Revolter – Sports Sedan

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,610,000 from Legendary Motorsport

True professionals don’t need to carry around signs stating that they’re a danger to those around them. The sport sedan Revolter is perfect for these players with its understated profile and outrageous performance matched only by its price tag.

The customization really shines with the Revolter, however – interior details and a body that can hold any color well brings a silent professionalism to drivers and passengers alike. The ability to add front-facing machine guns to it is an added bonus.

ZR350 – Sports

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,615,000 from Legendary Motorsport

The ZR350 is actually a throwback to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but nostalgia can only take a vehicle so far. With some of the most unique liveries in the game that match its sleek look, and dozens of customization options overall, the ZR350 is a gearhead’s dream.

The worst aspect of the ZR350 is a high repair bill and mediocre damage resistance, but those are caveats taken well in stride considering what she offers. Fun corners, impeccable acceleration, and a head-turning customization.

Ocelot Locust – Sports

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,625,000 from Legendary Motorsport

Windows just get in the way of catapulting drivers across streets, and the Ocelot Locust deftly solves this issue by having a microscopic window that drivers and passengers alike can clear with ease. While the purchase and subsequent customization of the Locust will set players back an easy two million at least, it offers a legendary profile and options that can alter the car just enough to make it their own.

The brave can install roll bars where a roof ought to be, just so players aren’t scraping their heads on the asphalt when it inevitably flips. The truly brave simply accept the consequences of driving this beast.

Annis Euros – Sports

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,800,000 from Legendary Motorsport

The Annis Euros is customizable from top to bottom, allowing gearheads to ponder every excruciating detail while nearly guaranteeing the end result will turn heads. From steering wheels to paneling, the Euros makes the list for also being a blast to drive.

The options are here in spades, thanks to the Tuner Update, but has a lower top speed than what most would prefer compared to other high-end vehicles. Considering the costly price for entry, players may be better suited saving up slightly more.

Karin Calico GTF – Sports

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $1,995,000 from San Andreas Super Autos

The Calico is a unique vehicle in that it is purchased looking generic, and turns into a funhouse of customization and speed after users are finished. With erratic livery options and a slew of customization that can alter the profile of the vehicle (and the appearance of what’s under the hood), the Calico is likely one of the best customizable vehicles in the game.

It’s worth noting that players won’t be able to fully appreciate all of the customization options without taking part in Tuner meetups, however, and pedigree alone ensures that meetups will offer Calico’s in spades. Still, the Calico is a fantastic vehicle to embrace the inner artist behind the wheel, if one can afford the cost of entry.

Benefactor Krieger – Super

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • $2,875,000 from Legendary Motorsport

If getting from point A to point B as fast as possible is your ideal, while still holding a lot of customization options for the discerning collector, it’s difficult to look past the Krieger. From hood scoops to livery, the Krieger is a one-of-a-kind super vehicle that rewards those with deep pockets that want to express themselves at a high rate of speed.