The 10 best Roblox Obby games (2021)

Take on the best obstacle courses in our list of our favorite Roblox obbys.

There is a seemingly endless amount of obbys to choose from in Roblox, and most of them, to be honest, can be rather bland or a copy of others. You really have to dig deep to find the best ones among the many, many rehashes.

For those who are new to the world of Roblox, an obby is just an obstacle course that you have to get through to complete. It can be full of jumping, games, climbing, and more for you to have to get through to win.

Roblox is a game all about creativity and near-limitless possibilities of creating, and obbys are a great example of that. All of these obbys show this best and are a great way to spend your time in the game. To save you the hassle of sifting through it all, we have our list of the obbys we think are the best and the most fun for anyone to fight their way through.

The Really Easy Obby

Don’t let the name fool you — this obby is not actually the easiest obby you can play through. Despite its laid-back feel and the pretty chill soundtrack, the course features some fairly challenging obstacles, many of them with hidden elements that will surprise you. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this obby, which is why it caught our eye and make its way on our list.

Escape Waterpark Obby

Navigating a theme park in real life can be a horrible experience and an obstacle course in its own right, so naturally, it fits well as an obby in a video game. We really like how this obby has gone the extra mile to make it feel like an actual waterpark. There are food stands, tables, areas to relax, and of course, big water slides and rides to get through. It all feels cohesive and the whole thing features some fun, challenging obstacles to get through.

Obstacle Paradise

The thing that sets this obby apart is its different take on the obby genre, where you can play other players’ obbys and also create your own. As you keep working your way through the course, you will earn money that you can then spend on more obstacles. There are a ton of options for obstacles you can pick from and plenty of coloring you can do to your heart’s content.

Escape McDonald’s Obby

Is it bad that we love this obstacle course due to the giant clown face that is both creepy yet hilarious? Regardless, there is something really fun about this obby that gets us. We enjoy the dedication to the theme of McDonald’s, and there are a lot of good and challenging obstacles for you to get through. It’s a course that you can tell was made with a lot of effort and dedication, making it all the more impressive.

Mega Fun Obby

Now, this is one of the more traditional obbys on this list, but what earns its spot on this list is just how big it is. There are over 2,010 stages for you to tackle, each offering a decent challenge. Of course, we don’t recommend tackling every stage in one sitting, but if you want to take on a literally monstrous-sized challenge, then this is the course for you.

Escape Santa’s Workshop Obby

We love a good role reversal and having this obby put you in the situation of having to escape Santa Claus is super fun. There are a lot of good obstacles that give you a real hassle, and it’s all set against the backdrop of the holiday world. It’s a very well-realized obstacle course and you can feel how much care went into building it. That is always impressive and worthy of making our list.

Tower of Hell

It’s a pretty intimidating name, we know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast with this course. It also stands apart due to the fact that its levels are procedurally-generated so that each one is different. There is also a time limit to complete each level before it collapses and the next level is generated, adding to the challenge. It can be absolutely frustrating, as if you fall off the level, you fall all the way to the bottom and are left having to do it all over again. But we love a good challenge and this is exactly what this obby is.

Wipeout Obby

For those of us who have always wanted to take on the obstacle courses in Wipeout, this is a great chance for us to do just that. It’s challenging, fun, and also looks almost exactly like the popular show. Better, it’s not a breeze to play through and it gives you a good challenge without being to the point of frustration. You don’t have to worry about throwing your controller through the window with this course.

Escape the Bathroom Obby

An obby with a humorous theme is something that really clicks with us, hence the inclusion of the McDonald’s obby earlier on this list. Pitting you as a bite-size person in a giant person’s bathroom, you have to escape, just as the title suggests. It has some fun obstacles that keep the whole thing moving and it is made really well. There are some nice, humorous touches along the way as well that really make it stand out.

Cool Parkour Obby 550

With over 550 stages, this obby course will get progressively more difficult as time goes on, building the challenge until eventually, nobody but the best players will be able to get through it.