3 Lost Kittens Locations at Ruins Giga Bell in Bowser’s Fury

Image via Nintendo

A poor Mama Cat has lost its precious little kittens somewhere in the world of Bowser’s Fury and it’s your job to get them back home in one piece.

This time, you are tasked with finding three lost little kittens, and thankfully, they haven’t gone far from their original starting point. Still, it’s a hard task to get them all back to their mama in one piece and there’s no one to rely on but you to safely escort them back home.

Be careful when returning the cat to the mother, though. If you drop it, fall into the water, or get killed, then the kitten will return to its original starting position. Forcing you to start your trek all over again.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Kitten #1 (white arrow)

Screengrab via Nintendo

As easy as you like. Right next to the Mama Cat on the beach.

Kitten #2 (blue arrow)

Screengrab via Nintendo

On the top of the cat column at the entrance to Clawside Colosseum.

Kitten #3 (green arrow)

Screengrab via Nintendo

The hardest of them all, right at the entrance of Crisp Climb Castle. You will be in for a long run to get this kitten back to its mama. Use the moving platforms to slowly go over the water and then make your way carefully back to the end point.