9 Tips To Make Extra Fast Money – Mafia 3

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Yearning for some extra fast money in Mafia 3? Then we do have some tricks and tips that would make you earn loads of fast money in Mafia 3, even without progressing much with the campaign. Just follow the tips and tricks below to increase your cash flow in order to unlock the weapons, rare vehicles and collectibles etc.

Money Guide - Mafia 3

Tricks and Tips to Make Fast Money in Mafia 3:

  1. As a default method, you need to store your money in the safe, because whenever you die, you will lose 50% of the money that is with you. Since you can purchase any item, directly from your safe, it is a good idea to store money in the safe whenever you collect some.
  2. Make sure to collect each and every cash pile, it might not be much but overall the city it would end up being some decent money. The cash could be $50 to $20,000+
  3. Once you unlock Vito and start working with him, he gives you the ability to call someone to pick your money and put it inside your safe, on your behalf.
  4. Make sure to collect Kickback from the rackets, take your associates along and collect from as many rackets as possible as each racket has certain amount to offer.
  5. You can have some to collect Kickbacks on your behalf from your rackets as you work with Vito and reach the $140,000. It helps you save lots of time and lets you gather up money.
  6. As you will get some free ammo from the weapon trucks, don’t prefer to pay for ammo. You need to switch to other weapon and switch back.
  7. As the first step have all 3 main associates working under you. Then use the option to speak with Donovan at Barclay Mills, Tickfaw Harbor and Downtown, once you talk to him at the downtown, you will unlock the begin completing tasks to take this territory. You need to choose Blackmail from the options of Construction and Blackmail.
  8. You can rob the Dead Drops and follow the Bagmen to get the money. During the mission, while you are exploring Downtown, finding Bagman and searching for collectibles you will come across these Dead Drops.
  9. Following Bagmen is to grab some money, when you are driving in the city, you will see a black car, marked red on your map. Your task is to follow them till they stop somewhere. Then a grenade dispatches all the enemies and all you have to find and pick up the cash bag on the floor. Mostly it contains around $3,000 to $5,000. Keep exploring Downtown to find more of these for Extra Cash.

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