A Particularly Particular Author – Shirikoro Peak guide – Genshin Impact

Top of the mountain.

The Shirikoro Peak is the second perch that most players will run into during the Particularly Particular Author quest while wandering through the mist. Just like the previous perches, players can interact with the tree which will cause three feathers to fly off to different places.

Players will need to venture down into the mountain to get the feathers, but the first thing that they will need to do is lower the water level below them. To do this, they will need to gather up three different Seelies and bring them back to the pedestals beside Ruu.

The three Seelies can be found in the following locations:

  • On the large branche to the right of the pedestals
  • Just outside the door where players entered the mountain
  • Below the platform with the tree on it, near the water. Just drop down and swim to it, then climb back up with the electrogranum that can be found down there

Once all the Seelies are in place, the water level will drop, and players can drop down and grab the feather. The other two will float down the hall, and players will need to follow them.

They will come to a room that has some enemies they will need to kill, and they will notice some Relays with electro currents going to them. Players will need to grab the first Relay they see on the right shown in the image above and bring it into the main room.

Here, they will need to place it just on the slope of broken earth show in the image above to complete the connection on this side. After that, they can go all the way to the left side of the room and grab the Relay from near the wall, placing it on the left side of the door. This will activate the block switch that will open the door, allowing players to proceed and continue after the feathers.

Inside the door is an enemy and the second feather. Take out the enemy, then pick up the feather. It is once again time to gather up three Seelies and lead them to the pedestals. These are a little more complicated due to the bigger environment, so you can find images showing where they are below.

Seelie #1

On a plinth directly in front of the entrance to the chamber.

Seelie #2

In a small room directly behind where the three pedestal for the Seelies are.

Seelie #3

Hidden behind a breakable rock directly across from where the pedestals for the three Seelies are.

Once all the Seelies have been collected, the water level in the pit below will drop and players can go down there. Players will find two Electro Relays that they can pick up. They will need to place one of them on the spot mark by the arrow below, then climb out with the other one.

After that, players will need to grab another relay from the shattered dome marked by the red box below, then place the Relays where the two arrows are pointing to complete the circuit.

This will open the door, giving them access to yet another room where they can grab the last feather. After that, they can continue through the tunnels to the next area if they wish, but they will need to return to Sirikoro Peak to interact with the tree at some point.