A Thousand Questions with Paimon event guide – Genshin Impact

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A Thousand Questions with Paimon is a new event in Genshin Impact. The name is pretty self explanatory, as players will need to answer questions about the world of Genshin Impact.

To take part in the event, players will need to visit the special event website. After entering their account details and server, they will then be able to play through a new quiz each day, earning Mora if they get the answers correct.

The event will run from April 6 to April 8, and players will need to be at least Adventure Rank 10 to take part. Each correct answer is worth 5000 Mora, and there are 10 questions each day.

Rewards will be delivered via an in-game mail after the quiz is taken, and will need to be collected within 7 days.

How to take part on PlayStation

Players on PlayStation will need to open their Paimon Mail, click on the “A Thousand Questions with Paimon” mail, then click on the “click here to take part in the event” line in that mail. They will then need to scan a QR code.

Open your camera app on your phone, then aim it at the QR code. Make sure the entirety of the QR code is on the screen, and it should scan it, then give you a long link. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the option to open the link to take part in the event. This method is basically identical on iPhone or Android, and if it doesn’t work the fix is the same.

If this does not work, you will need to down a dedicated QR scanning App from the App Store or Google Play. We used an app called QR and Barcode Scanner which successfully read the QR code.