Paradise Lost | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 Paradise Lost | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

In the previous chapter Rising From Ashes, Kassandra was finally able to track down an important clue on the location of Myrinne her mother. In the first in this walkthrough A Mother’s Prayer she will reunite with her which consist of most discussions and in the second one, Paradise Lost you will be helping Myrinne in fighting with Paros who are trying to acquire her island.

Chapter 12 Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The Reunion Walkthrough

The short quest is available in the game menu, this is the first time the lead character will be able to track down his family.

A Mother’s Prayers

Follow the objective marker and there will be a cutscene. You can ask various questions about what happened in the past. Next, follow Myrrine and she will take you towards the beach area. Go down and look on the right you will spot a lot of Level 43 soldiers. Killing them in stealth won’t be easy to ambush. Once again there will be a discussion segment, you can gather info from Myrrine about your past. Once it is over follow her back to the city of Naxos. There will be another cutscene with more discussion. The chapter is over once you are done talking to Myrrine.

Paradise Lost Walkthrough

In this part you will be doing a lot of ship battles, you will need to clear the blockade first and then take on Paros fleet.

Death and Disorder

Once again talk to Myrrine and then you will need to locate and kill the assassins. The objective marker will take you inside a cave, scan the area properly. The soldiers are on a pretty high level now. There will be a few bunches of killers once you enter. This is the first wave of killers, go further inside. There is a wooden stair you can take to climb up on the wall. Pass through the narrow opening of the cave wall and you will see a statue. Kill the second group of killers and then return to Myrrine. Here in the cutscene, you will see two choices:

Sparta has always been corrupt: If you pick this one then Myrrine will try to defend Sparta’s reputation.

Sparta has changed: If you pick this one you will try to explain to your mother about the changes in Sparta. Myrrine will stay you both are Spartan and after the battle, they will go back.

Going Down

You will need to lower the nation power by destroying the resources. Objectives similar to what you play in conquest battle. You will have three objectives here. Pillage the nation chest, destroy war supplies and kill Athenian soldiers. You can scan down with the Eagle Vision to locate the objectives you need to do. The chest and other objectives can be played in Fortified Marble Quarry located on an island called Cupltor’s Elysium. It is on the left side of Paros Island. All three objectives are in this place.

Quarry Quandary

You will find the Euneas in the same above area, you will need to save the prisoners. Just use the Eagle vision properly to mark all things properly. This will make your job lot easier. There are some cages on the right corner of the quarry where you will find the admiral. Once you free him this quest is also over. Just escort him out of the quarry and talk to Myrrine for the next quest.

The Paros Blockade

You will need three Paros’s fleet to complete this quest. You can see the marked ship in the ocean. Just dock your ship to begin your battle. All three ships are on Level 44 so you will take a pretty high damage in destroying them. After destroying the ship you can steer through the damaged ship and break it into pieces or board the ship and kill the remaining soldiers on the dock. It will be really hard if you stand in one place, there will be a heavy re-enforcement from other ships. Try to lure them a bit far away and maintain your distance. This mission will be a lot tougher if you are surrounded by a bounty ship. In case your ship health is low just wait back for a while to get the health bar restored and finish off the remaining soldiers. After destroying the blockade return to Myrrine.

Unified Front

Next, she will ask you to whether you are ready to sail, say I’m ready to move forward. In this next quest, you will be playing the final battle against Paros. You will need to destroy four Paros’s Fleet to complete this mission. Myrrine will be with you on the ship. This one is once again a ship battle. You will have to take down 4 Paro’s Fleet. After destroying the ship return to Naxos and talk to Myrinne. She will ask you to find your father, pick anything to continue. This completes the quest.

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