Aether vs. Lumine In Genshin Impact (Which One You Should Choose)

Aether and Lumine are the main characters in Genshin Impact, but should you choose one over the other?

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At the beginning of your adventure in Genshin Impact, you get to choose one of two twins, Aether and Lumine, visitors from another world stopped by some unknown, powerful god. Shortly after seeing how they might be outclassed, you can decide which of the two twins will be your personal avatar in the game world while the other is condemned to some apparently horrible fate. After choosing your in-game name and finishing the opening cutscene, you’re set loose to find answers, but is there a difference between Aether vs. Lumine?

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Should You Choose The Male or Female Twin in Genshin Impact

There are two primary differences when you choose Aether (the male twin) over Lumine (the female twin) in Genshin Impact. The first is their personality. Aether is generally more upbeat, if a bit distant and cold at times. He’s also a bit more outgoing. Lumine, by contrast, is more reserved with her emotions, showing less of her hand at any given time.

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The second difference is the role the character you don’t pick will play in the story. As the player character in Genshin Impact, your Aether or Lumine is ultimately the hero of the story, whose adventures will set the world to rights, or at least put it on a better course. The twin you don’t pick will take an alternate path but still plays a pivotal role in the narrative.

If story and character personality aren’t as important to you, know what from a gameplay perspective, there is no functional difference between Aether and Lumine. Both gain their elemental powers from the same places, fight the same battles, and achieve the same outcomes. The only additional difference is whether a male or female character is responsible for the changes in the world.

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Of course, Genshin would be nothing without its male and female cast, and who you choose to play as at the beginning can ultimately depend on which character you like the look of more. More than half of engaging with the gacha mechanics in the game should come down to which characters resonate with you more, whether from their gameplay, story, or aesthetic. The same should be true of your choice between Aether and Lumine.