All 12 Redd’s Raffle items from the August Fireworks Show in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are 12 different items you can win. Have you collected them all?

Tweeter toy

With the arrival of the newest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, a new limited-time event has been added to the game. The August Fireworks Show will occur every Sunday in August, running five times this year. The event will begin at 7pm in both hemispheres.

One of the attractions of the fireworks show is Redd’s Raffle. You can buy raffle tickets and win fun prizes from the lovable, yet skeezy art salesman/Tom Nook’s oldest rival, Redd. Some of them are one-time use, while others can be reused and kept.

All Redd’s Raffle Prizes

When you buy into Redd’s Raffle, it will cost you 500 bells, and you will receive one of the following items:


The Bradwell Conspiracy
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Sparklers are one-time use and come in two different colors. The red variant with green and yellow stripes (burns green) and the blue variant with pink and peach stripes (burns pink). Sell Value: 150 bells


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You can hold onto balloons for as long as you like, but you have a chance of letting go if you run too fast: so the balloon can float off into oblivion, never to be seen again. Balloons, like sparklers, also have color variants. They are available in redpinkyellowgreen, and blue. Sell Value: 150 bells


World of Warcraft Update
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There are five unique items you have the chance of unlocking as well. The two one-time use items are the Fountain Firework (150 bells) and the Bubble Blower (37 bells), while the three you can reuse and keep are the Uchiwa Fan (200 bells), the Pinwheel (200 bells)and the Tweeter (200 bells).

While it’s fun to get raffle tickets and win prizes, none of these items sell for more than 200 bells: So don’t think you are going to make any cash by buying in, but they are all a lot of fun to use, even if some of them disappear afterward.