All 25 Ninja Toad Locations in Ninja Attraction’s House of Tricks – Paper Mario The Origami King

Hiding away.

If you want to 100 percent complete Paper Mario The Origami King, or just want to find out what Ninja Attraction’s special prize is, you will sooner or later need to find all 25 Ninja Toads in the House of Tricks. But where are they?

Well, to help you out, we will be splitting it up into areas. Starting with the first one.

The first area, the entrance, only has one toad in the top right corner. You find it when you hit it with a hammer to progress through to the next one. You then enter a hallway that has no toads.

Heading into the third area, there is a total of 7 Ninja Toads to find. One is in the Paper Lantern, another is hidden in the sand in the center with two findable in the back right’s drawers. One is hidden in the chest while another is in the door to the left. The last one is located in the back by pulling the rope.

In the fourth area, there are a total of 4 toads to find. Three are located under white boards to the right of the room, while the other can be found by pulling a rope in the top right-hand section behind the hidden panel.

There are no toads in the fifth section in the open area, so head into the sixth area where spikes come through the floor. There are five Ninja Toads here, four in spikes that can be found by forcing them out of the ground and one in the room in the back left that drops the ladders. It can be hit with a Hammer.

Climb the Ladder to the seventh section, where there are 2 Toads to find. The first can be found hidden in a different colored floor on the left side of the room, hit it with the Hammer, while the other can be found in a Chest to the bottom right.

The final 2 Toads are then located in the eighth section. One behind the door where you enter and one in a cabinet of drawers that form the stairs to the exit.

Find them all, and you will have found all 25 Toads you need to get your special reward!