All 32 Echoing Conch locations in Genshin Impact – Echoing Tales event

Every Echoing Conch for the event.

All the Echoing Conches are finally available in Genshin Impact. To make life easier for people who are arriving late to the Echoing Tales event, we have tracked them all down with maps of each locations and listed them all below.

While in the even they appeared over a number of thing Acts, this guide will lead you to all 32 Echoing Conches that you will need to wrap up the event.

All 32 Echoing Conch Shells

1-3 Twinning Isle – One River Flowing Down the Middle

On the southern island, can be found near a pile of old lumber and wood on the south side of the island.

1-4 – Twinning Isle – Four Winds Bring The Sound of Joy

On the northern island, to the east side, drop down a couple of levels to find the Echoing Conch.

4-1 Pudding Isle – The General

Jump from the teleporter to the lower island and you will find the Echoing Conch shell on a rock.

7-6 Pudding Isle – The Price of Experimentation

You can find this on a rock near a pile of broken wood and crates to the east of the teleport point.

7-7 Broken Isles – None Return

On the northern island in the Broken Isles, at the very top of the rocks, you will find the Echoing Conch.

4-2 Stoic Bloom – central island

4-3 Homeland – central island

7-8 Pudding Isle – Pro-Exit Persuasion

2-1 North of Pudding Isle – The Trapped

5-1 Pudding Isle – Professional Attempt

7-1 Twinning Isle – Wisdom of the Ancients

1-5 Twinning Isle – The Clan of Song, Scattered

1-2 Twinning Isle – Two Paths Through the Lonely Forrest

7-2 Twinning Isle – Incoming Tide

5-3 Twinning Isle – Moon and Tide

1-1 Twinning Isle – Five Mountains Hide The Little Village

5-5 Twinning Isle – Sail and Escape

3-2 New island in the northwest – A Father’s Thought

3-3 New island in the northwest – Mysterious Saviour

3-1 new island west of Twinning Isle – Sudden Attack

2-2 new island west of Twinning Isle – Where Duty Lies

5-4 northwest corner of the map – Sone and Phantom

5-2 Island to the far west of Minacious Isle – Fog and Exit

7-5 Minacious Isle – Inverted Ruins

7-3 Minacious Isle – Nowhere to Run

7-4 Minacious Isle – The Outside World

7-9 Broken Isle – Tidewatch Sentries

7-10 Broken Isle – High Tide Warning

6-1 Minacious Isle – An Archon’s Deeds

On the north side of Minacious Isle, down on the beach.

6-3 Pudding Isle – Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence

Just to the south of the teleporter on Pudding Island, on a small overhang about halfway down the cliff.

6-2 North of Pudding Isle – Seaside Reminiscence

On the island to the north of Pudding Isle, near an encampment of Hilichurls. You will need to take out all the Hilichurls before you can pick it up.

6-4 Central Island – Wolf’s Predicament

On the island in the center of the Archipelago, where the boss can be found.