All accessibility options in Diablo Immortal

Questions about accessibility? We’ve got you covered.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After a long time since its announcement, Diablo Immortal has been released, and included from the very beginning are a slew of accessibility features that some players might find particularly useful. After you’ve made sure that you have enough free space on your PC or Mobile device, read up on some of the features that you might want to consider for a smoother gaming experience.

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Controller Accessibility Features

  • Controller Support and Button Remapping: Diablo Immortal supports controllers on both PC and Mobile platforms, fully with an automatic detection feature. For the player’s convenience, many controls available in the game can be remapped within the Controller tab in the Settings menu.
  • Free Cursor for UI Navigation: Pressing the right arrow on the controller’s d-pad activates a free cursor. This feature allows for easier navigation through non-gameplay interfaces of the game.
Image via Blizzard
  • Repositioning Skill Buttons: For mobile players who prefer to play without the controller, there’s an option to reposition the various skill button to be more comfortable and suit your preferred grip type.

Chat Accessibility Features

  • Resizable Chat Text: Along with the default size of the chat text, you may choose between two larger options, at a 100% and 200% increase in size. These can be adjusted from the Chat tab in the Settings menu.
Image via Blizzard
  • Voice Chat Transcription for Chat: This option allows you to convert the Party voice chat into text for ease of use, and this feature can be toggled on and off at your leisure.
  • Text-to-Speech for Chat: You can enable this option for your chosen chat channels. It will then read out aloud incoming messages from those channels for you. There are additional customizations for this feature, including:
    • Ability to control which chat channels are narrated
    • Audio alerts to separate messages from each other
    • Option to have a player’s own messages be narrated
    • Two options of voice packs to select from
    • Narration speed and volume control
    • Text-to-Speech chat commands for easier control of system settings
  • Speech-to-Text: This feature is available on both PC and Mobile, allowing your spoken words to be converted to text in the chat channel. These messages can then be edited before you send them.
  • Audio Cues for Chat: These are customizable sound cues for notifications, including Party and Raid invites, voice chat control, private messages, etc. You can adjust the volume of these notifications from the General tab of the Settings menu.

Graphic Accessibility Features

  • World Brightness: While Diablo games are known for being dark, you can turn up the World Brightness to improve visibility from the Display tab of the Settings menu.
Image via Blizzard

Along with these accessibility functions, the developers plan on expanding on other settings, such as contrast, color blindness, more text options, further control fine-tuning, and more. We will follow the development and update as new features are being rolled out.