All Aether Current locations in Elpis in Final Fantasy XIV

If you want to soar the Elpis skies, you’ll want this guide.


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Elpis is the fifth zone you’ll reach in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. A beautiful floating island zone filled with pretty easy-to-navigate roads, the zone is unfortunately divided into five major islands, which are only accessible via elevators. This can make tracking down Aether Currents using your Aether Compass a little annoying because it might be directing you to a different island entirely. As with all zones, there are 15 Aether Currents divided into 10 overworld Aether Currents and 5 quest Aether Currents.

The 5 quest Aether Currents can be located on your map as you progress through the main story, indicated by a Quest Icon with a plus symbol on it — except for the final one, which is given as a reward for finishing the Main Story Quest in the zone. However, to find the overworld Aether Currents, you have to search yourself. By accessing your Aether Compass — no longer a key item, but instead placed in the Collections tab, under the Duty section of your menu — you can find the general location of the closest Aether Current to your character.

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Furthermore, accessing the other islands requires progression in the Main Story Quest — the connecting elevators will not activate for you without the proper quests being completed. The way Elpis is structured, it is probably easier to progress in the Main Story Quest until you unlock the dungeon, then double back and unlock the Aether Currents.