Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.55: New Trial, Mount & MSQ

Bunny emotes, UFOs and a boss fight against a multi-armed lady — all in FFXIV’s 6.55 patch.

Asura Boss Fight FFXIV Patch 6.55

Image via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XIV has emerged from its 24-hour maintenance to deliver some of the game’s most epic mounts, accessories, and weapons.

After forcing us all to touch some grass in the last 24 hours, FFXIV has dropped patch 6.55. Before pulling the “log in” trigger and tearing all the content to pieces in excitement, why not look at what’s new? I’ve gobbled up Square Enix’s lengthy patch notes and served up a quick summary of everything FFXIV‘s Patch 6.55 has to offer.

Get Abducted with FFXIV’s UFO Mount

UFO Mount FFXIV Patch 6.55
Image via Square Enix
  • How to Get: Complete Gentleman at Heart at Radz-At-Han (X:11.4 Y:11.5)

The Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures takes its oddity to space now with the UFO Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. I can’t wait to look like I’m getting abducted as a fly all over Eorzea.

Even More MSQ Quests

  • How to Start: When One Door Closes… AT Radz-at-Han (X:4.4 Y:9.8)

As you wait for Dawntrail and its cute Pictomancer job to arrive, why not chew on the three new main quests added in FFXIV’s patch 6.55?

Travel Eorzea Backpacker-Style with The Knapsack

  • How to Get: Complete all the MSQ added in Patch 6.55 for FFXIV, including The Coming Dawn.

When you’ve completed the MSQ, you’ve truly seen it all. All that’s left is to take a sabbatical and backpack your way all over Eorzea. The experience isn’t complete unless you’re taking your Knapsack with you.

Fancify your Moves with the Lop Hop Emote

Tribal Alliances Emote FFXIV Patch 6.55
Image via Square Enix
  • How to Get: Complete the Tribal Alliance quests, including A Dream Worth Chasing at Ultima Thule (X:27.5 Y:24.5).

All this work for the three beast tribes had to amount to something, right? Well, I’m not sure whether I can call the Lop Hop emote enough compensation, but it sure does look cute.

Face Asura in the The Gilded Araya Trial

Image via Square Enix
  • Requirements: reach level 90 and complete Manderville quests up until Gentlemen at Heart at Radz-At-Han (X:11.4 Y:11.5)

The long-teased fight against the battle boss Asura is finally upon us, thanks to FFXIV‘s patch 6.55. Join the other seven players in a full party of four to take down the False Manusya in an epic trial that can’t go over an hour, or else you’re doomed.

Perfect Your Manderville Weapons

Perfect Manderville WeaponsFFXIV Patch 6.55
Image via Square Enix
  • How to Get: Complete Resonating with Perfection at Radz-at-Han (X:12.0 Y:7.1)

It’s finally time to perfect your Manderville Weapons by giving this side quest some closure in the Resonating with Perfection quest at Radz-at-Han (X:12.0 Y:7.1). Just make sure to complete Gentlemen at Heart and A Spirited Reforging first.

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Shatter (Fields of Glory) Gets A Significant Revamp

Patch 6.55 shakes up Final Fantasy XIV‘s Fields of Glory PvP mode. Changes: double active large icebound tomeliths, increase small tomeliths to 15, and extend activation times. Data rewards for destroying tomeliths drop, with adjusted respawn times. These tweaks aim to revitalize gameplay dynamics, offering a more challenging experience for level 30 Fields of Glory participants.