All Aliens Species in Osiris: New Dawn

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In Osiris: New Dawn, the player will be exploring different planets to study and see if they are habitable. This includes checking what all resources are farmed, which type of alien species are spawned and then create your settlement. This guide will show you all the species in the game, their special attack, speed and everything you need to know.

All Aliens Species

All Aliens Species

Every planet that the astronauts explore, aliens will be an obstacle commonly found, but they can be either hostile or non-hostile. Hostile species can be very dangerous for your colonies as they will destroy it completely. Here is the complete list of alien species you will encounter in the game.

Note: As the Game is out for Early access we will keep updating this guide as we encounter more species.

Hostile Species


Arachnoid are one of the alien species we encounter early in the game. They look like a mixture of human and a monkey with a scorpion thrown. They are Spawned both the night and daytime. The attacks are not that good but they tend to crawl fast which makes it difficult to shoot at them.

  • Speed: Fast
  • Weapon: Tentacles
  • Type: Quadrupedal Predator

Crab Monsters

As the name suggests these Crab species are capable of devastating charges. Even with the average speed you must be well aware of the surrounding and avoid fighting them in a group.

  • Speed: Average
  • Weapon: Armored Legs
  • Type: Arthropod

Night Crawler

One of a terrifying experience for any Astronaut is exploring the night time when low on ammo. The Night Crawlers are a perfect nightmare as they are fast and very good with the attacks by leaping and making disturbing sounds. Try to wound and flee them to avoid chasing you at night.

  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Weapon: Claws
  • Type: Quadrupedal Nightmare


One of the peaceful and ugly critter in the game. Avoid getting in their way and they won’t bother you.

  • Speed: Slow
  • Weapon: Teeth
  • Type: Arthropod


Tumbo is a large tortoise-like creature with a wide brim head who turns hostile when a player is nearby. If you come to close then they will definitely hunt you down and chase you for long distance.

  • Speed: Slow
  • Weapon: ??
  • Type: ??


These are large, beetle-like alien with a horned head. Even with the average speed, they discharge hurtful liquids as an offensive mechanism. The Colossus mostly reside at the larger bluffs and flatter regions of any planet.

  • Speed: Average
  • Weapon: Horns
  • Type: Colossus


The Orcek are giant aggressive MOA.


An aggressive aliens beetle.


Jaculus is a large sectional snake.

Larvae Skeliopod

Non-hostile Aliens

Giant worm

A large subterranean creature that launches itself in large, arcing jumps, crashing back to the ground and instantly digging into it, consuming whatever’s unfortunate to be in its path. Even though it is a Non-hostile species, avoid getting in their way or get consumed and instant death by them. Simply Sprint towards the worm, instead of away from it, while using your jump jets to dodge the worm’s landing.

  • Type: Great Sandworm

Work in Progress…

Don’t forget to check out Osiris: New Dawn Wiki guide to know the exact resource location, farming, and structures.