All Alolan Diglett locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor

Find all 150 that escaped from their trainer.

Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Early in your exploration of the new Wild Area in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor, you will encounter an NPC and his Alolan Diglett. He explains that he fell in love with the Alolan variation and caught several of them. Now 150 of them are missing, scattered through the map. He asks you to find them for him.

The Alolan Diglett are spread throughout the new Isle of Armor map. The amount of Diglett in an area varies, smaller areas have around eight, and larger areas can have up to twenty. Diglett can be out in the open or hidden in flowers or behind rocks. The game will let you know how many are left in that area as you find them.

We’ve arranged this list in alphabetical order. While you likely won’t enter these areas in this order, it’s easier to find the information. 

All Alolan Diglett Locations

Brawler’s Cave

There are seven Diglett in Brawler’s Cave. 

  • Right at the mouth of the cave. There’s a Diglett hidden by the left wall.
  • From the first Diglett, follow the path down to a tall pillar. It is at the base of the rocks by the ledge on your left. 
  • Follow the path. On the left, between the wall and another stone pillar, you’ll see the third Diglett.
  • Stick close to the left wall as it curves around to an area with a den. There’s a Diglett tucked away on your left behind a rock.
  • Turn back, and down the path, there will be another on your left by a rock.  
  • Follow the path down and around a corner, by a rock on the right, is the sixth Diglett. 
  • The final Diglett is down the path to the flat area by the lake. There’s a rock near the end of the cave with Diglett facing the wall.

Challenge Beach

There are nine Diglett on Challenge beach. This is an average location to find them. It’s not as widespread as some of the other locations, making it less difficult than Soothing Wetlands.

  • Find the first on the cliff overlooking the tower.
  • At the corner of the same cliff, by the edge, near the wall.
  • In the sand, just under where we found the first.
  • At the base of the large ledge in the middle.
  • The next is near the rope weight by the tower.
  • Follow the edge around and you’ll find one by the river.
  • There’s another along the lower level of the cliff, by some grass.
  • The final is at the edge of the left side of the beach.

Challenge Road

There are eight Diglett throughout Challenge Road. Due to the environment and colors along Challenge Road, it is much harder to see the hidden Diglett. You’ll need a keen eye, patience, and good reflexes to avoid the wild Pokémon waiting to slow you down.

  • Starting near the top, head down the slope to the wall. There’s a Diglett by the small rock.
  • Follow the road some more to the ledge with four bushes by the wall. Diglett will be right in front of the four bushes.
  • Double back up the road and take a right towards a den. Diglett is hidden by the grass. 
  • Go back up the hill and on the right by the bushes and a rock at the base of the stairs is another Diglett.
  • Take a right and go up the hill. Diglett is at the top of the hill behind the den, right at the ledge.
  • Go down the hill and pass the stairs. Diglett will be hidden behind a rock and some bushes, at the ledge. 
  • From there, turn around and take a right, going down the stairs. Go straight, and you’ll see a rock with bushes by the edge. Diglett is right in front of them.
  • Finally, go to the top, by the tower. Diglett is to the left of the tower entrance.

Courageous Cavern

Courageous Cavern has seven Diglett. This is one of the easier locations because of the small number and easy to see against the environment.

  • Follow the river into the cave. Diglett is on the right, by a rock and a den.
  • The next Diglett is up the road, on the right, by a rock next to the wall.
  • Head down the path as it slopes downhill, cross the water. There’s a ledge with a Diglett on it.
  • Head towards the exit, and you’ll find a Diglett on the left by the wall.
  • Go back up the road, and Diglett will be on the right side.
  • Turn right down the road into the open cave area, Diglett is by a rock.
  • Follow the road down, and the final Diglett is in a room with three dens. Diglett is by the first den on the left.

Fields of Honor

Fields of Honor is the first area the player encounters in the new Isle of Armor Wild Area. Fields of Honor is huge compared to the other locations and has 18 hidden Diglett in it. 

  • Starting at the dojo entrance, head towards the garden and around to the back right corner. Diglett is near the edge of the slope.
  • The next Diglett is in the smaller garden plot.
  • Go up the hill towards the den. Diglett is by the rock and tree by the wall on the left.
  • The next Diglett is along the path towards the dojo.
  • On the right side of the dojo (left side if you’re approaching it), there’s a large rock. Diglett is hidden behind it.
  • To between the two trees by the ledge. Diglett is tucked into the corner.
  • Follow the path and turn right. There’s a tree by the left wall with a Diglett in its roots.
  • Go towards the bridge. Diglett is hidden in the grass-less patch near the bridge. 
  • From there, go towards the water, and you’ll see a Diglett by the edge.
  • Cross the bridge and turn left. Head towards the water again, there will be another Diglett between the patch of grass and edge. 
  • Follow the ledge, and you’ll see another on the slope towards the beach (this one is roughly at 3:45 in the video).
  • Head down to the beach. There’s a Diglett in the sand.
  • Go towards the large rock by the station entrance. The Diglett is between it, a smaller rock, and some grass.
  • There are three Diglett by the station. One behind the boxes, and two by two trees. 
  • Turn down the narrow beach. There’s a small patch of flowers by the wall with a Diglett hidden in it.
  • Go back towards the dojo. Head up to the left, before the river, and you’ll find a Diglett next to the edge.

Forest of Focus

The Forest of Focus has eight Diglett hidden around the trees and grass. While they’re not as hard to see as the ones on Challenge Road, they aren’t easy and blend with the yellow flowers scattered through the forest.

  • At the entrance, head towards the bridge. There’s a tree with a Diglett by it.
  • Turn right and follow the path towards the berry tree on the left corner. The Diglett is by the berry tree, next to the wall of the path.
  • Follow the path around and take the bridge on the right. Just to the right of the bridge is another Diglett.
  • Near the river’s edge, further up the path, is the fourth Diglett.
  • Head back down the path and past the bridge. There’s another Diglett tucked away by the wall of the path.
  • Further down is the sixth Diglett on the right by a tree.
  • Go to the berry tree down the road. There’s another in the red flowers by the wall and the tree.
  • The last Diglett is down the path, near the water’s edge, against the wall. 

Honeycalm Island

Honeycalm Island has 11 Diglet hidden on it. It’s not the largest island, so most of them are clustered together, making this area one of the easier ones, despite the higher number.

  • The first Diglett is between a patch of red and yellow flowers on one of the smaller honeycombs.
  • On the next honeycomb, another is in some yellow flowers.
  • On the branch with a rock and den, there is one by the bushes and another by the rock on the beach.
  • To the right, there’s another hidden on the beachside by a den on the next branch of the island.
  • On the next branch, two are hidden. One near the far side and one near the middle by the sand.
  • One branch over, there is a Diglett by the den.
  • In the center, there are three hidden in the red flowers.

Honeycalm Sea

There are only three Diglett around the Honeycalm Sea, making it one of the easiest locations to gather them, short of the Warm-Up Tunnel.

  • Two are located on the island with a TM. The first is near the beach. The second is at the back of the narrow path, against the wall.
  • The third is on a small sandy island.

Insular Sea

Insular Sea has only six Diglett. Odds are trainers are tired of searching, so it will come as a welcome blessing to only have to find a small handful.

  • There are three on the main island in the middle of the sea. The first by some small pink flowers, the next on the beach, by the water, another in red flowers by a fruit tree.
  • On a small, sandy island with a single den, two Diglett, and a Dugtrio are at the far side.

Loop Lagoon

Loop Lagoon has seven Diglett throughout it. It’s mostly water, so they aren’t as hard to spot as other locations and are closer together instead of widespread.

  • From the Courageous Cavern exit, Diglett is on the left by the grass.
  • The next Diglett is by the beach before it turns into sand.
  • Follow the beach, and there’s another in the sand.
  • Cross the water, and another is against a cliffside with two fallen logs on it.
  • The fifth is by the edge of the water on the same small beach.
  • On the island in the middle, there’s one by the berry tree.
  • The final on the island is around the base of the cliff in the center.

Potbottom Desert

Potbottom Desert has ten Diglett hidden in the sand. It’s not as large as the soothing Wetlands, and it’s easier to see them against the red sand than it is against the green ground.

  • One can be found to the left, against the wall, and by a dead tree.
  • Next is along the wall by a rock and some shrubs.
  • Further along the wall, at the corner, is another Diglett by a rock.
  • The fourth is in the middle of the sand, still near the wall.
  • Another is by a rock, it’s a bit further from the rock than usual.
  • The next is hidden by a dead tree and some bushes near the wall of the desert.
  • Moving inward, the next one can be found at the top of the hill in the middle.
  • One is by a rock, further from the wall. The Diglett is close to the rock and may be hard to see with bushes nearby.
  • Others are scattered in the sands and will need keen eyes to spot them without any obvious landmarks nearby.

Soothing Wetlands

There are 20 Diglett in the Soothing Wetlands. Like the Forest of Focus, the Diglett here blend with their environment well and can be hidden in the foliage.

  • Heading into the Soothing Wetlands, go to the left by the large cliff. At the base of the cliff, by the tree and under a bush, is the first Diglett.
  • Go towards the patch of water in front. Diglett is in the yellow flowers by the edge.
  • At the base of the cliff on the left, there’s a fallen log. The Diglett is near the center of it by some flowers.
  • Near the larger patch of water, the one with a mini island and tree on it, there’s another Diglett by some small blue flowers.
  • Cross the water, and there’s a Diglett at the base of the tree.
  • Go straight to the cliff again. By a patch of orange flowers is the next Diglett.
  • Follow the cliff. Between the next body of water on the right and the cliff on the left is a Diglett.
  • To the right of that small patch of water is a small tree with a Diglett by it. 
  • Follow the base of the cliff to another patch of water next to a fallen log. There will be a Diglett behind the log.
  • You should see a ledge with a river at the base. Follow the ledge. A Diglett is hidden by the tree and grass at the edge.
  • Follow the river to the base of a cliff. There’s another by the base.
  • The next Diglett is nearby, in a patch of red flowers by a group of small trees. 
  • The next one is hard to find. It’s at 3:45 in the video linked above. From the last Diglett, head towards the center of the Wetlands. There’s a patch of orange flowers by a tree and grass, the Diglett will be in front of those.
  • Go towards the entrance to the Forest of Focus. To the left is a Diglett in front of orange flowers.
  • Near the pond with a fallen log is another Diglett
  • The next Diglett is by two fallen logs and rock, not far from the pond. 
  • To the right of the two logs, at the base of the cliff is another Diglett. You’ll find him just after the red flowers.
  • At the base of the cliff across from the previous Diglett is another. It’s hidden in some bushes. 
  • Back towards the river is a Diglett along the path. He’s between some orange flowers in the open.
  • The last Diglett is by the red flowers near a partially buried log with a den.

Stepping-Stone Sea

Stepping-Stone Sea has seven Diglett scattered across the tiny islands. Because there’s so little land, many of the Diglett appear closer together. Players still need to bike their way over the vast sea to get to them, however.

  • The island with two tall trees has four Diglett. The first by the tree next to the water, the second between the tall tree and fruit tree by some red flowers, the third around the edge of the cliff, and the fourth at the back of the island between the other tree and cliff.
  • A small sandy island with a rock on it has two Diglett right next to each other.
  • A long island with a rock and den has a Diglett in the middle.

Training Lowlands

The Training Lowlands is another larger area with 15 Diglett hidden in it.

  • Near the cave entrance, take a left. There is a Diglett near the wall.
  • Another can be found just to the left of the bridge after crossing it.
  • To the right of the base of the stairs are two Diglett. One is by the edge of the wall. The other is around the corner, further in by the wall on the left.
  • Another can be found at the base of the large cliff wall.
  • Crossing the water to the little island in the middle with a small den has one Diglett.
  • The next two are back on the mainland. One by the water’s edge, the other at the base of a tree on the right.
  • The next can be found in a patch of red flowers on the right by the base of a cliff.
  • Directly across from there is the next one, near the large boulder in the middle.
  • The next is at the base of the wall surrounded by grass.
  • Another can be found by a tree near the wall.
  • Follow the wall to the beach, and you’ll find one in the sand.
  • Back up the path towards the two bridges, there is a Diglett by the large rock.
  • The last Diglett is by the rock between the two beaches.

Warm-Up Tunnel

Warm-Up Tunnel is a blessing—only three Diglett hidden in the short tunnel.

  • The first can be found to the left of the entrance.
  • Further down the road, as it curves, there’s a second by some rocks on the left.
  • The third is on the right near the exit.

Workout Sea

Workout Sea is huge but is almost entirely open water. The eleven Diglett are hidden on patches of land. The hardest part about this location is the travel between them.

  • The first in on a beach by the right edge of the sea.
  • There’s three on the big island with the trainer on it.
  • Head out to sea to one of the smaller islands. There’s one by a large rock.
  • A long sandy island with one den has a Diglett in the center.
  • A smaller island across from it has another Diglett.
  • Head towards the island with three big trees on it. The last four are hidden on this island: two by the beach edge, one near the grass, and one by a large rock.

What happens when you collect all 150 Alolan Diglett?

After going through all that, it better be worth it, right? It is. Sort of. Depending on what you consider “worth it.” There are multiple rewards during your painful collecting process. Rewards are given out at first at five Diglett found, but after that, given out in multiples of ten. Once it hits 50 found, it goes up in multiples of 25. At 100 found, he will reward you again once you find all of the Diglett. All of the rewards are Pokémon from the Alolan Region.

  • 5: Alolan Meowth
  • 10: Slowpoke
  • 20: Alolan Vulpix
  • 30: Alolan Sandshrew
  • 40: Alolan Raichu
  • 50: Alolan Marowak
  • 75: Alolan Exeggutor
  • 100: Litten
  • 151: One of Diglett will come with you