All banned Ultra League Remix Pokémon in Pokémon Go Season 10

What Pokémon can you not use?

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The Ultra League Remix competition returns to Pokémon Go for a limited time during Season 10, for the Season of Heritage. In it, you’ll have the chance to use your ideal three choices against other players, so long as they don’t exceed the 2,500 CP cap. However, for the Ultra League Remix, you also cannot use the top 10 previous Pokémon that were used in the Season 9 Ultra League competition by Ace combatants. These are considered the best and most used Pokémon in the Ultra League. In this guide, we will list out all banned Ultra League Remix Pokémon in Pokémon Go’s Season 10 battles.

These are all 10 of the Pokémon you cannot use in the Ultra League Remix battles for Season 10.

  • Alolan Muk
  • Altered Forme Giratina
  • Cresselia
  • Empoleon
  • Obstagoon
  • Swampert
  • Talonflame
  • Togekiss
  • Umbreon
  • Venusaur

If you plan to use any of these Pokémon for the Ultra League Remix battles, they will not be available. Instead, you’re better off using them in the traditional Ultra League battles, which will be available simultaneously as the Remix fights. You’ll have to pick between these two competitions, but they come with the same rewards. Because only 10 Pokémon were removed from the Ultra League Remix pools, the battles are not too different from each other.