All Battlebound Plains Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Hidden in plain sight.

Image via Smilegate

Finding Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark can be quite the challenge. Sometimes they’re tucked away in hidden locations off the edge of the map. Other times they’re blocked by borderline absurd DPS checks. Finding the Mokoko Seeds in Battlebound Plains, however, won’t put you through any of these shenanigans. Maybe it’s because so much of your time here is spent helping out King Thirain in battle, or maybe that’s just a coincidence, but this is among the easiest batches of seeds to track down in the entire game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A few of these Mokoko Seeds are obscured by foliage, but even those aren’t tricky once you know where to look. The biggest challenge here is the sheer amount of space you have to comb through to find them, especially considering this relatively large map only contains a scant 7 seeds.

One thing to note is that none of these Mokoko Seeds are in the long corridor that runs south to north through the middle of the map, the area where the large battle alongside King Thirain takes place. So as long as you’re in this cutscene-laden set piece, there’s no need to worry about keeping an eye out for any of these pesky little collectibles.

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