All changes to shield swapping in Evolution Collection Event patch Apex Legends

Shield swap more safely than ever.

Level 5 Evo Shield

Screenshot by Gamepur

We’ve all been there. Shields drained. No batteries. No cells. But lo and behold, a death box, with a shield inside! You swap to it in hopes that you can catch a break, but after the switch, you realize the armor was almost entirely depleted too. Then suddenly your match of Apex Legends is as over as your player character’s life.

Well, after the Evolution Collection Event patch, that will never be an issue again. Two major changes were introduced to shield swapping that will improve quality of life, and make shield swapping safer in the moment.

Hit Point Display in death boxes

New shield swap HP info
Image via Respawn

A previous patch added a display when looking at a evo shield/body shield in a death box to see how close to evolving it was. The improvement this time around show another piece of information along side it: How much HP the shield has left. If you look in a box, and the bar is empty, or too low for your tastes, move on, regroup, or look in another box.

Level 4 Body Shield Quick Swap

Gold Shield
Screenshot by Gamepur

When switch between a Level 5 Heirloom-tier red shield, you will not longer need to do a press and hold to switch to a Level 4 Legendary-tier gold shield. This makes shield swapping in late game and final circles, faster, safer and more viable. This has been a change that many players have wanted to see for a long time. We’re definitely glad to see the implementation of the improved quick swap for gold shields.