All character birthdays and zodiac signs in Genshin Impact

Make a wish.

Image via miHoYo

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday, and the characters in Genshin Impact are no different. Each character has their own special day of the year when they get to celebrate the eternal passage of time. The only person without a set day is the Traveller, as you set their birthday yourself when you create your character.

On a character’s birthday, you will receive a mail from them that contains their Special Dish, and some form of Ascension material. On the Traveller’s birthday, you will receive a cake that can give you a piece of Fragile Resin.

Thankfully, you don’t need to own the characters to get their message on their birthday, but if you miss the log in that day then you won’t get the mail at all.

All birthdays in Genshin Impact

TravelerPlayer ChoiceViator/Viatrix
Diona​January 18Feles
Beidou​February 14Victor Mare
BennettFebruary 29Rota Calamitas
Qiqi​March 3Pristina Nola
Jean​March 14Leo Minor
NoelleMarch 21Parma Cordis
XiaoApril 17Alatus Nemeseos
Diluc​April 30Noctua
Fischl​May 27Corvus
Paimon​June 1
LisaJune 9Tempus Fugit
Venti​June 16Carmen Dei
BarbaraJuly 5Crater
TartagliaJuly 20Monoceros Caeli
KleeJuly 27Trifolium
AmberAugust 10Lepus
Ningguang​August 26Opus Aequilibrium
MonaAugust 31Astrolabos
Chongyun​September 7Nubis Caesor
RazorSeptember 9Lupus Minor
AlbedoSeptember 13Princeps Cretaceus
Xingqiu​October 9Fabulae Textile
Xinyan​October 16Fila Ignium
XianglingNovember 2Ladle
Keqing​November 20Trulla Cementarii
Sucrose​November 26Ampulla
Kaekkya​November 30Pavo Ocellus
Ganyu​December 2Sinae Unicornis
ZhongliDecember 31Lapis Dei