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Guide covers all the characters and their classes in The First Descendant
Source: NEXON Games

The First Descendant – All Characters And Skills

The game's got a huge roster of characters to choose from.

The First Descendant is finally here and features a big roster of characters on launch; 14 base and 6 ultimate variants with more to join. Although it’s great to have variety, it can become tough to farm materials and unlock a character only to find out it doesn’t fit your play style. Hence, we’ll give you a head start by explaining all the characters and their skills in The First Descendant in detail.

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Explaining All Characters and Their Skills in The First Descendant

Once the game goes live, you’ll be given a choice between three starting characters. Once you get your first free character, you’ll need to farm for various materials to invest in research and unlock other characters. Hence, I’ll be explaining all the characters and their skills in The First Descendant to help you decide which ones are worth unlocking.

Lepic – A DPS Grenadier With a Rocket-Shooting Bionic Arm

The First Descendant Character - Lepic
Source: NEXON Games

Lepic is the first of the three Descendants you’ll need to choose when first starting the game. He’s a versatile DPS class character whose attacks deal AOE damage on the battlefield. He also has a unique ability to survive fatal damage.

Lepic Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Close CallPassiveAbility to survive fatal damage in battle.
GrenadeActiveThrows a grenade toward enemies with a 6m area of effect.
OverclockActiveBuffs skill damage and adds burn effect to Grenade and Overkill which lets these skills deal continuous damage for 7 seconds.
Traction GrenadeActiveThrows a Traction Grenade that pulls enemies towards it within 9m.
OverkillActiveLepic turns his arm into a rocket launch and shoots a shell at enemies dealing AOE damage. At the 5m range landing point, the shell does constant damage.

Ajax – A Damage Deflecting Tank

The First Descendant Character - Ajax
Source: NEXON Games

Ajax gave me a major Reinhardt from Overwatch vibe. He’s the second of three starting descendants that you’ll need to choose from. Ajax is a Tank class character with very high defense stats who can shield his team with a forcefield while also deflecting enemy attacks. He’s also essential in knocking back enemies and even stunning them.

Ajax Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Event HorizonPassiveAjax accumulates void energy up to 100%. At the maximum limit, it enhances skills and reduces cooldowns.
Orbit BarrierActiveCreates a shield in front of Ajax that lasts for 25 seconds. The shield’s durability scales with Ajax’s DEF and HP.
Void WalkActiveAjax jumps into the air and ground-slams enemies within 9 meters which damages and stuns them.
ExpulsionActiveAttack enemies within 5 meters dealing huge damage and knocking them back.
HypercubeActiveEncloses himself and team in a dome-shaped shield. Its durability also scales with Ajax’s DEF and HP

Viessa – A Debuffing Hunter That Freezes Enemies

The First Descendant Character - Viessa
Source: NEXON Games

Viessa is the last of the first three descendants that the game offers you in the beginning. Her role is a debuffer, who uses her powers of chill to damage and debuff enemies. Compared to the other two starting selections, she’s much lighter on defenses but makes up for it by slowing and even completely freezing enemies.

Viessa Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Ice SpherePassiveCreates ice spheres that auto-target enemies, damage them, and inflict Ice Shackle effect (slows down their speed).
Frost ShardsActiveFires an exploding Ice Beam projectile that inflicts damage and Ice Shackle effect around a 3.5m area.
Frost RoadActiveViessa’s speed and defenses are buffed by 30% and she creates ice sheets on the ground that inflict the Ice Shackle effect on enemies who come in contact with it.
Cold SnapActiveShe shoots an arc of icy air in front of her that damages the enemy and inflicts the Ice Shackle effect on them.
BlizzardActiveHurls a snowstorm at enemies that deals continuous damage every 2 seconds. When it explodes, it inflicts damage and Ice Shackle effect on enemies.

Jayber – A Utility-Type DPS Who Uses Turrets

The First Descendant Character - Jayber
Source: NEXON Games

As a great utility-type support descendant, Jayber has an assault and a medical turret at his disposal. The assault turret focuses on DPS while the medical current will restore teammates’ HP and MP. Out of all the characters in the First Descendant, no one’s abilities (except Yujin) remotely close to his. Hence, Jayber is crucial to have on your team.

Jayber Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Turret SyncPassiveIncreases damage when both medical and assault turrets are active.
Assault TurretActiveSummons an assault turret to attack enemies for 15 seconds. It can be further enhanced with the Multi-Purpose Gun to launch attacks in nearby areas.
Medical TurretActiveSummons a medical turret to heal teammates within 8m. It can also restore MP once enhanced by the Multi-Purpose Gun.
Multi-Purpose GunActiveJayber’s main weapon is replaced by the Multi-Purpose gun which enhances turrets, restores their HP by 25%, and also damages enemies.
ReactivateActiveRecalls all turrets and deals powerful damage to enemies nearby. Puts Jayber in the Overhaul state after which all summoned turrets are enhanced.

Sharen – An Assassin Cyborg That Deals Close-Range Damage

The First Descendant Character - Sharen
Source: NEXON Games

Sharen is a close-range damage dealer who can camouflage herself to get close to enemies for stealthy damage. Her trusty electric blades let her deal high damage to enemies but lack in defense which makes her a glass canon.

Sharen Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
AssassinatorPassiveKilling an enemy will reset Active Camouflage in the Ambush state. Her attacks will also get buffed when fighting an unengaged enemy.
Cutoff BeamActiveSharen uses her electric blades to attack enemies within a 3m distance and inflict them with the Electrocute effect.
Active CamouflageActiveCloaks Sharen from enemies. Upon attacking, the camouflage ends and she enters into Ambush mode which buffs her next attack.
Impact RoundsActiveLaunches an explosive projectile at enemies that deals damage and stuns enemies in a 5m radius.
Flash ShortswordActiveThrows multiple exploding blades at enemies and inflicts damage and the Electrocute effect. Can target 10 maximum enemies with 3 blades per enemy.

Gley – A Utility Type That Eats Away at Her HP to Unleash Rage on Enemies

The First Descendant Character - Gley
Source: NEXON Games

Gley is another utility type but deals significantly more damage than Jayber. She’s one of the most unique of all the characters in The First Descendant. She operates on a high-risk high-reward mechanic where she consumes her own HP to boost attack power. With no shields or MP, this may sound difficult to manage but her other skills balance it out by giving her opportunities to restore her HP.

Gley Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
ThirstPassiveEnemies drop Life Spheres which restores her HP in Frenzied mode and reduce incoming damage in normal mode.
FrenziedActiveActivation consumes her 18% HP and slows HP recovery by 60%. She enters Berserk mode where long-range weapon damage and penetration increase by 25% and 45% respectively.
Life SiphonActiveDamages enemies within 6m and restores Gley’s HP and its effect increases with each enemy hit. Berserk mode increases the damage output.
Increased SensoryActiveAdds infinite ammo in Frenzied mode and increases movement speed, HP recovery, and Life Spheres drop rate in normal mode.
MassacreActiveChanges Gley’s current weapon to Massacre. Deals 33% increased skill damage in Frenzied mode and stuns enemies.

Blair – A Pyromancer Chef That Deals Damage Over Time

The First Descendant Character - Blair
Source: NEXON Games

Blair is a damage-over-time dealer who can conjure fire to damage multiple enemies. The more enemies he burns, the more damage he can “dish out.” Although most of his attacks cost MP, he can recover it and increase his defense stats with his cooking-themed skills.

Blair Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
PitmasterPassiveIncreases 30% critical damage when inflicting burn on enemies and scales critical hit rate based on the number of Flame Zones.
Blaze upActiveCreates a firey explosion that damages enemies. It also creates a Flame Zone (Stove) that deals constant damage and applies burn to enemies nearby.
ExtinguishActiveRecalls all the Flame Zones (Stove) on the battlefield to restore 19 MP. It also boosts his defense stats for 10 seconds by 50%.
Burn TasteActiveLaunches a firey beam that inflicts the burn effect on enemies and damages them in a 3m radius.
Deadly CuisineActiveCreates a fireball that splits into 3 smaller spheres that deal explosive damage. On explosion, these fireballs create Flame Zone (Stove) that deals damage over time and inflicts a burn effect.

Bunny – A Ranged DPS Type Speedster That Inflicts Damage While Running

The First Descendant Character - Bunny
Source: NEXON Games

If you like running at lightning speeds and dealing damage to enemies as you run past them, Bunny will be your favorite descendant. She’s a nuker specializing in ranged DPS. Bunny’s biggest trait is her super fast movement speed and her electricity-based skills. This makes her the fastest descendant out of all the characters in The First Descendant.

Bunny Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Rabbit FootPassiveCharges Bunny’s electricity by 0.2% per meter when running. Once she stops, all energy will be consumed, and landing after a double jump will damage enemies.
Thrill BombActiveCreates an electric orb that attacks enemies within a 13m radius and inflicts an Electrocute effect on them.
Light SpeedingActiveSprint speed is increased by 50% and so does the electricity accumulation.
Lightning EmissionActiveDeals damage to nearby enemies as you move around and inflicts them with the Electrocute effect.
Maximum PowerActiveShoots out an electric beam towards enemies whose damage scales with the duration of the skill being used.

Freyna – Traps Enemies In Venemous Toxic Dealing Damage Over Time

The First Descendant Character - Freyna
Source: NEXON Games

I can’t be the only one who sees Freyna and thinks of Viper from Valorant. She’s also a damage-over-time dealer like Blair. However, she uses venom to inflict damage on enemies instead of fire. The enemies she inflicts her venom take increased damage. The best part about her abilities is that her Venomous Baptism ability lets her spread poison directly through bullets which allows you to keep your distance.

Freyna Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Contagion LinksPassiveToxic skill power will increase based on the number of enemies inflicted with poison.
Toxic TraumaActiveThrows a poisonous projectile at enemies that inflict damage and create a toxic puddle (Room 0 Trauma) which poisons enemies within 3m.
Defense MechanismActiveBoosts defense stats by 50% by creating a venomous body armor. It also has a chance to inflict Room 0 Trauma on enemies upon attack.
Decomposed PoisonActiveCreates a toxic swamp that inflicts continuous damage, poison, and Venom-Soaked status effects on enemies. Enemies under the Venom-Soaked effect leave toxic footprints that also inflict nearby enemies with poison.
Venomous BaptismActiveFreyna’s weapon changes to Venom Baptism. Its 45 bullets inflict high damage and Room 0 Trauma to enemies.

Valby – A Constant DPS Dealer Who Surfs on the Battlefield

The First Descendant Character - Valby
Source: NEXON Games

Valby is also a constant DPS dealer that uses water to deal AOE damage to enemies and teleport around the battlefield. She leaves behind water puddles that knock back enemies as well as deal damage over time. You’ll have a lot of fun using her movement and dodging abilities after unlocking her.

Valby Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Water IntakePassiveWhile standing on water, she consumes less MP. This ability also works with the water puddles she creates.
Bubble BulletActiveLaunches a bubble bullet which bounces forward until it impacts creating a small water puddle. Enemies in the puddle take constant damage and get inflicted with the Laundry effect.
Plop PlopActiveCreates a large puddle for Valby to dive in and pop out at a selected location within the radius of the puddle. Enemies in the puddle take constant damage and get inflicted with the Laundry effect.
LaundryActiveValby liquefies herself and can move through enemies inflicting continuous damage and Laundry effect on them. She cannot use skills in this form.
Laundry BombActiveSwaps Valby’s current weapon to the Laundry Bomb Launcher. On fire, the bullet pulls in enemies that are inflicted with the Laundry effect to deal continuous damage.

Kyle – Cross Between a Tank and DPS Who Manupilates Magnetic Fields

The First Descendant Character - Kyle
Source: NEXON Games

Kyle is a damage-dealing tank (bruiser) who can use magnetic fields to absorb incoming fire and shield his teammates. He wears a plasma-powered suit that lets him fly around the battlefield and inflicts high AOE damage when he lands. However, Kyle cannot move around when he holds up his shield which makes him a bad pick for solo play.

Kyle Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Experienced TechnicianPassiveAccumulates Magnetic Force through skills. When his shield depletes, he recovers it back alongside Magnetic Force.
Repulsion DashActiveKyle rushes forward to inflict damage and knockback on enemies. He recovers Magnetic Force at the same time.
Magnetic BulwarkActivePuts up a Magnetic Shield in front to block projectiles. The amount of Magnetic Force recovered depends on the type of projectile.
Magnetism SpurtActiveOn activation, Magnetic Force will reduce damage instead of HP or Shield. After some time, Magnetic Force will detonate dealing damage to enemies nearby.
Superconductivity ThrustersActiveAllows Kyle to fly around. Once he lands, it will damage enemies in the landing zone consuming Magnetic Force. The amount of damage will scale with the accumulated Magnetic Force before landing.

Esiemo – A DPS Bombardier Whose Attacks Do AOE Damage

The First Descendant Character - Esiemo
Source: NEXON Games

Esiemo is a DPS-type Bombardier who relies on explosives to deal burst damage to enemies. If you like bombing up the battlefield and turning enemies to ash, he’s the descendant for you. He’s one of the newer descendants added after the beta so players will have fun using his explosive fire-based skills.

Esiemo Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Adventitious HabitPassiveOnce the shield depletes, he drops a bomb on the ground doing great AOE damage.
Time BombActiveLaunches a sticky bomb to either an enemy or terrain. On the enemy and terrain and it blows on contact.
BlastActiveInstantly detonates attached bombs damaging enemies. The damage scales with the number of bombs attached.
Guided LandmineActivePlaces a landmine on the ground which homes in on a nearby target and attaches to it.
Arche ExplosionActiveCharges forward and inflicts knockback upon collision with an enemy. After the movement ends, inflicts damage to enemies nearby and removes buffs from them. After the skill ends, he’ll end the Madness State.

Enzo – A Support Type With Mastery Over Supply Drones

The First Descendant Character - Enzo
Source: NEXON Games

Enzo is a utility support-type descendant who can supply ammo to teammates while launching long-range drone attacks at enemies. He’s somewhat similar to Jayber when it comes to using drones. However, Jayber drones are more crucial compared to Enzo’s bullet-supplying drones. On the other hand, Enzo’s drones can do more damage than Jayber’s assault turrets.

Enzo Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Shoot SupportPassiveTeammates around Enzo get increased ammo capacity. The efficiency of this skill increases if there are multiple Enzos in the team. The skill’s effect also gets enhanced when Enzo disarms the Encrypted Vault’s security and rewards also increase.
Start SupplyActiveSummons an ammo-supplying drone in designated locations which refills teammates’ ammo.
Explosive DroneActiveHurls an explosive drone towards enemy which explodes on contact doing high damage.
Enhance Combat SuitActiveRestores Enzo’s Energy Shield by summoning Shield Recovery Comms. The Energy Shield continues to recover through the Enhance Combat Suit effect.
Perfect SupportActiveSends out small supply ships to Enzo and his teammates which provide ammo and grants Perfect Support. The small ships attack enemies while the skill is active and launch a missile once the skill ends creating an explosion.

Yujin – A Support Type Healer

The First Descendant Character - Yujin
Source: NEXON Games

Yujin is a dedicated healer support who also happens to use his drones to heal teammates, similar to Jayber. On top of simply healing HP, he also grants allies buffs and can rescue them when critically injured in combat. While he lacks firepower or defense stats, he makes up for it with his healing efficiency and skills that could turn the tide of battle.

Yujin Skills

Skill NameSkill typeSkill description
Stop OverreactingPassiveSignificantly reduces the duration of rescuing teammates. Allies who get rescued by Yujin recover their maximum health for a limited time.
Solidarity HealingActiveSends out a recovery drone that attaches to teammates and heals them. It also puts an Accelerant effect on teammates upon dismissal which boosts attack power.
Restructure SerumActiveShoots Restructure Serum on enemies reducing their defense stats and inflicting Allergy effect on them. When Allergy-affected enemies are attacked, it heals nearby teammates and grants more healing to the teammate who kills it.
Stimulant SprayActiveApplies Stimulation effect to teammates which reduces incoming damage they receive recovery when the effect ends.
Hyperreactive Healing GroundActiveYujin heals himself and teammates while granting Purification and Immunity which removes and prevents debuffs. Additional recovery is based on the number of teammates and enemies in Yujin’s range. This also grants the Hyper Activity effect which increases his attack and skill power.

These were all the characters, and their skills in The First Descendant. Hopefully, you were able to understand each character in detail and will be more confident in investing time and materials towards unlocking a particular one. The game has finally been released so you should be able to hop on and start playing since The First Descendant is free-to-play and supports crossplay and cross-progression too!

If you’re interested to know how these characters rank when put together, here’s our The First Descendant tier list that will interest you.

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