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All contracts and world activities in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Partake in one of various challenges for valuable goodies.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ may give players the freedom to roam the Al Mazrah map to search for other squads or AI combatants, though you will spend most of your time in the mode completing contracts and world activities. Altogether, there are more than a dozen different types of quests to tackle, all of which can lead to additional cash, weapons, and even XP toward your overall Rank. Here is every contract and world activity currently available in DMZ mode.

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All contracts in DMZ

Compared to world activities, contracts function as side missions that lead you to areas filled with cash and powerful items. Better yet, thousands of XP can be amassed each time one is completed. You can find each contract mission available in the DMZ below.

  • Cargo Delivery or Shipment: Drive a pinged vehicle or boat to a specific site in order to own the ride and some of its precious cargo.
  • Destroy Supplies: Destroy two bomb sites marked on the map.
  • Elimination: Eliminate an AI-controlled target which is accompanied by multiple bodyguards.
  • Geiger Search: Use a Geiger Counter to search for Uranium rods.
  • Hostage: Break into a locked, marked building to rescue and exfiltrate a hostage.
  • Hunt: Eliminate a specific enemy Operator on the map. The target will typically be a player who has recently completed difficult missions or eliminated other Operators.
  • Secure Intel: Find hard drives within an abandoned building and upload its data at a nearby radio tower.

All world activities in DMZ

Those wanting a break from demanding challenges and missions should focus on searching for world activities. They come in the form of chests or areas that mainly lend killstreaks and fully-kitted weapon Blueprints. Though, you can expect to find AI or player-controlled gunners not far by. Here is each world activity and its requirements.

  • Hidden caches: Although they are not marked on the map, hidden caches provide high-valued weapon Blueprints, Killstreaks, or items that are usually obtainable through the Buy Station.
  • Safes: Drill open a safe for thousands of dollars in return. Be forewarned, the drill used to open these will attract nearby AI soldiers and possibly other Operators.
  • SAM Sites: Activate these sites to launch a missile at planes. If successful, a Supply Box will fall near your location.
  • Strongholds: Use keys placed around Al Mazrah to access AI-filled buildings. Despite the heavy amount of combatants inside, these Strongholds are known to contain some of the mode’s best possible loot.
  • UAV Towers: Discover and activate these structures to learn the location of all AI soldiers and Operators close by.

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While traveling to these objectives, players may also be encountered by the map’s extreme weather conditions. These include sandstorms and Radiated Zones, both capable of damaging anyone who sits idle in their affected areas. However, the reward may be greater than the risk. For instance, The Chemist NPC boss can be defeated in one of the Radiated Zones to unlock and use the M13B assault rifle in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

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