All controls and keybindings on PC for Star Wars: Squadrons – joystick, flight stick, HOTAS

Don’t get confused.

How Fleet Battles work in Star Wars: Squadrons

Image via Electronic Arts

Han Solo never said “Don’t hit E when you meant to hit F, kid,” but he would have if he was playing video games instead of being imaginary. Star Wars: Squadrons has a fairly simple control scheme for a game that is based in space, and we have the entire list of controls you will need on PC below.

It might take a while to learn them all, so you can just keep this list open on a second monitor while you play to avoid needing to open up the menus and track down which button to push. That would certainly be a bad idea in the game’s multiplayer mode.

If you want to change any of the keybindings you can do it in Options, Settings, Controls, and Keybindings. Here, you can assign any function to any key you like.

WThrottle Increase
SThrottle Decrease
ARoll Left
DRoll Right
Mouse Y axisPitch
Mouse X axisYaw
ShiftDrift (while boosting)
LFree Look
Mouse leftPrimary Weapon
Mouse 5 / QFire Left Auxiliary
Mouse right / EFire Right Auxiliary
Mouse 4 / RDeploy Countermeasures
Mouse Wheel UpShield to Front / Power to Engines
Mouse Wheel DownShield to Back / Power to Weapons
Mouse Wheel ClickBalance Shields / Reset Power
CShield Focus / Power Conversion
6Comm Menu
YTeam Chat
HPing Target
BAcknowledge Ping
IToggle Chat Visibility
1Increase Engine Power
2Increase Weapon Power
3Increase Shield Power
4Balance Power
TSelect Target Ahead
FCycle Targets
GTarget My Attacker
5Targeting Menu
TabShow Loadout
VR Recenter

HOTAS and VR Controls

Star Wars: Squadrons features full HOTAS functionality but default mappings are only provided for joysticks. You will need to map the controls for your additional HOTAS peripherals if you own them. This can be done through the Options menu.

Joystick Y-AxisPitch Control
Joystick X-AxisYaw control
Joystick Z-Axis rotationRoll
JOY 1Fire Primary Weapon
JOY 3Fire Auxiliary Weapon 1
JOY 4Fire Auxiliary Weapon 2
JOY 6Countermeasure
Throttle InputThrottle Control
JOY 9Activate and Deactivate Boost / Drift (hold while boosting)
JOY 5Cycle Targets / Target Highest Threat (double-tap)
JOY 2Select Target Ahead
JOY 10Targeting Menu
JOY 8Ping / Acknowledge Ping (double-tap) / Comm Menu (hold)
JOY 1Contextual Interaction
POV WestIncrease Engines Power (hold for max power)
POV NorthIncrease Weapons Power (hold for max power)
POV EastIncrease Shields Power (hold for max power)
POV SouthBalance Power
JOY 11Menu
JOY 7Radial Menu for Shield Focus / Emergency Power Converter