All copy ability powers in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

New game style, same Kirby power action.

Image via Nintendo

Kirby is finally making the jump into 3D games with Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The game will be the pink puffball’s first trip into a game of this style and has us very excited. Of course, like any Kirby game, our protagonist will suck up enemies and steal their powers for his own use. Here is every single copy ability power you can take advantage of in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

As of this writing, we are only going off of what we have seen from the announcement trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. We will update this post with more information on what powers Kirby can get in the game when they are made available.


Image via Nintendo

Cutter gives Kirby a helmet with a sharp blade on top of it. Kirby throws this blade out in front of him, and it boomerangs right back to him. If Kirby throws this at an item, it will pick it up and deliver it to him.


Image via Nintendo

Fire lets Kirby breathe fire at enemies. He can also use this to light lanterns on fire and reveal secrets in the area.


Image via Nintendo

Ice gives Kirby an ice breath ability that will freeze enemies into blocks of ice that Kirby can push into enemies to damage them. While this power is active, Kirby will skate along the ground instead of walk.


Image via Nintendo

Spike has received a pretty significant change to how it usually works. In the past, Kirby would stay motionless while protruding spikes out that hurt enemies that come up and touch him. In Forgotten Land, the spikes are much longer, and Kirby can roll around the environment picking up enemies and destroying breakable objects.


Image via Nintendo

As you might imagine, Sword gives Kirby a blade that he attacks enemies with. In the past, Sword had only one motion, but it appears that in Forgotten Land he can pull off a flurry of strikes and do a spinning attack.