All Crafting Stations In LEGO Fortnite & What They Do: Machinery Building Guide

With an abundance of materials and many crafting stations in LEGO Fortnite, here is a list to keep it all straight.

LEGO Fortnite crafting stations

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Crafting is the ultimate goal of the game in LEGO Fortnite, whether it be crafting to build the village or for weapons to go explore the map. With so much to create, it can get hard to keep track of it all.

LEGO Fortnite is the newest sandbox addition to the Fortnite franchise, with mechanics reminiscent of Minecraft. The crafting opportunities are massive, with more crafting stations being unlocked as players discover more materials to work with. Each crafting station discovered is necessary to unlock another station later in the game, making it necessary to build all crafting stations. Here are all the crafting stations, how to make them, and what they are used for.

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Crafting Bench

LEGO Fortnite Crafting Bench
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The Crafting Bench is the centerpiece of stations in LEGO Fortnite. It is the first station players will make and is the station where tools, weapons, health items, and defense items will be crafted. This is the only station that will require leveling up to gain higher-quality items. Players will not be able to progress in the game without leveling up the Crafting Bench and obtaining better tools, making this station the most important one. Each time a player levels up the Crafting Bench, the station will require more rare materials.

Players will need 3 Wood and 5 Granite to build the Crafting Bench.

How to Upgrade the Crafting Bench

LEGO Fortnite Crafting Bench Upgrade
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The Crafting Bench must be upgraded to unlock higher-grade items. To upgrade the Crafting Bench, interact with it to open the menu. From here, select the “upgrade” tab in the upper right-hand corner. This station has three upgrades that players will need to fulfill. The following are the levels and their requirements.

Crafting Bench LevelUpgrade Requirements
Uncommon8x Plank; 3x Shell
Rare12x Knotroot Rod; 15x Marble Slab; 6x Sand Claw; 3x Sand shell
Epic15x Copper Bar, 25x Obsidian Slab; 1 Brute Scale

Lumber Mill

LEGO Fortnite Lumbermill
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The Lumber Mill in Lego Fortnite is exactly what players think it is. This station will create different wood products that are needed to build different tools in the game. Those two wood products are Planks and Rods. Planks are used for building supplies, while the rods are quintessential for weapons. These will also be used to create more crafting stations and other building materials.

Players will need 8 Wood and 15 Granite to build the Lumber Mill.


LEGO Fortnite Grill
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Lego Fortnite players will acquire the recipe to build a Grill early in the game, and it is the first cooking station that we are introduced to. This station crafts food that restores more health and satiation than raw food materials that can be foraged. Food items will be imperative once players increase their health levels and start exploring farther away from their village. Here players can cook meat, corn, eggs, and burgers.

Players will need 30 Granite to build the Grill.

Spinning Wheel

LEGO Fortnite Spinning Wheel
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The Spinning Wheel is an important station in Lego Fortnite that creates threads and rope. It provides products such as cords and drawstrings that will be used for long-range weapons. These are an invaluable resource for later in the game, as enemies get stronger the more players explore. Items such as wool, silk, and vines are all materials used at the Spinning Wheel.

Players will need 8 Planks, 5 Wooden Rods, 5 Wood, and 5 Wolf Claws to build the Spinning Wheel.

Stone Breaker

LEGO Fortnite Stone Breaker
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The Stone Breaker in Lego Fortnite converts raw stone materials turn into specific stone slabs for crafting select items. Materials used here are Granite, Marble, and Obsidian. Different stone slabs are used to make select crafting stations as well, making it impossible to unlock other crafting stations without this station.

Players will need 20 Knotroot and 25 Marble to build the Stone Breaker.

Grain Mill

LEGO Fortnite Grain Mill
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The Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite is the second food station players unlock in the game. Although they won’t be making food products to consume, they are able to make flour for cooking and different types of seeds for growing crops. Some seeds that can be made with the Grain Mill are Pumpkin Seeds, Raspberry Seeds, and Snowberry Seeds.

Players need 20 Knotroot Rods, 20 Granite Slabs, and 3 Shells to build the Grain Mill.


LEGO Fortnite Juicer
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The Juicer in Lego Fortnite is the next food station that makes consumable products to aid the player’s explorations. Here, as the name suggests, players are able to make different juices and drinks from crop and animal products to create different drinks that have specific effects. The Snowberry Shake, made with Snow Berry and Milk, give characters health and temporary heat resistance.

Players need 8 Planks, 8 Marble Slabs, and 5 Knotroot Rods to build the Juicer.

Gem Cutter

LEGO Fortnite Gem Cutter
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The Gem Cutter in Lego Fortnite is used to refine raw gems to use for crafting items and weapons. It turns a rough gem into a cut gem. The higher-grade items and weapons will need more rare materials to craft them. This unlocks once players find gems like Amber.

Players will need 20 marble slabs, 5 rough amber, 5 sand claws, and 3 sand shells to build the Gem Cutter.


LEGO Fortnite Loom
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The Loom in Lego Fortnite is used to create different fabrics in LEGO Fortnite. Players use the Silk and Wool Threads to create their specific fabric. These fabrics are used to craft various objects in the game.

Players will need 9 Flaxwood, 8 Flaxwood Rods, and 6 Sand Claws to build the Loom.

Essence Table

LEGO Fortnite Essence Table
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Essence Table enchants weapons and tools with various enhancements that increase a weapon’s attack power, its durability, and increase the player’s health. Three different enchantments available are called Essence of Damage, Essence of Durability, and Essence of Health. Each one will need different rare materials to create, such as Rough Ruby and Blast Core. Each tool and weapon will have multiple slots to assign one of these enchantments.

Players will need 20 Flaxwood and 6 Cut Amber to build the Essence Table.

Metal Smelter

LEGO Fortnite Metal Smelter
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Metal Smelter is used to refine metal for crafting in Lego Fortnite. Once players start finding ore, like Copper, the Metal Smelter will unlock. Metals are used as building materials to help level up the player’s village and build more crafting stations.

Players will need 15x Brightcore, 35x Obsidian Slabs, and 3x Blast Core to build the Metal Smelter.


LEGO Fortnite Oven
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The Oven in Lego Fortnite is the next step for cooking up food to enhance the survivability of the players. The oven creates more potent food for healing and reducing hunger.

Players will need 8 Brightcore, 15 Copper Bars, and 35 Obsidian Slabs to build the Oven.