Where To Find Brightcore In LEGO Fortnite

Brightcore is one of the most important resources players will need to find in their LEGO Fortnite worlds if they want to prosper.


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In LEGO Fortnite, players must explore their world alone or with friends and discover resources to help them craft and build the tools and structures they need to survive. However, many of these resources, such as Brightcores, are difficult to find.

There are dozens of resources for players to locate, harvest, and use in LEGO Fortnite. While the game’s pacing allows players to get to grips with each one, every village upgrade leaves players stumped with a list of new ones that they must find if they want to progress any further. Brightcores are one of the toughest resources to find in the game. Not only are they located somewhere extremely hostile, but players need a specific tool to get them.

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Where Do You Find Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite?

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Brightcore can only be found in lava caves in the desert biome in LEGO Fortnite. Players can find these by exploring the biome, though we recommend bringing a Rare Pickaxe and a Hear Charm or Snowberry Shake to help with survival in this harsh environment.

Brightcore ore glows yellow in lava caves. It’s hard to spot because, in our experience, it tends to spawn close to the rivers of lava in caves and quite deep into them. This isn’t a resource players can get by quickly popping in and out of a cave. It requires a full spelunking expedition.

How to Get Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite

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To get Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite, players will need to venture into the desert biome, find a lava cave, and head inside to mine it from the walls close to the rivers of lava. However, this is incredibly dangerous for any unprepared players, so it’s wise to go out hunting for Brightcore with a couple of essential items.

The first item players will need is either a Heat Charm or a Snowberry Shake. These increase a player’s heat resistance and allow them to survive without dying too quickly inside a lava cave. The second item players will need is a Rare Pickaxe, which is the only tool that can be used to mine Brightcore. To get this tool, players must upgrade their crafting bench a couple of times until they’re able to craft them.

Mercifully, most players won’t need Brightcores until they’re pretty proficient in LEGO Fortnite and already have most of the equipment they’ll need to mine them.