All Daily and Weekly challenges in Diablo Immortal

Set a routine for these challenges.

Image via Activision-Blizzard

Diablo Immortal packs a lot of content that will keep players occupied for an extended period. Apart from the main storyline quests and the occasional side quests, there are challenges that players can attempt Daily and Weekly. Clearing daily and Weekly challenges regularly can net players decent rewards that stack over time and help immensely in progression.

Daily and Weekly challenges list

The Daily and Weekly challenges are divided into PvP and PvE content. All the challenges are mentioned below:

Daily Tasks

  • Claim reward chest from the Shop
  • Claim first kill of the day reward
  • Complete bounties
  • Complete the side quests given by Adventure Seeker
  • Complete open-world side quests until you get 5 Enchanted Dust
  • Complete Hidden Lairs until you get 6 Gems
  • Fill out the Bestiary
  • Complete Shadow Contract
  • Claim Rare Crest from Elder Rift
  • Complete Challenge Rifts
  • Claim Iben’s Sanctuary reward
  • Complete Battlegrounds 3 times (PvP)
  • Complete Cycle of Strife Challenges (PvP)

Weekly Tasks

  • Complete and rank as high as possible in Challenge Rifts
  • Complete Codex
  • Finish 3 Contracts
  • Complete Elder Rift until you earn 320 Fading Embers
  • Complete Vault of the Immortals
  • Claim 4 Blessing from The Assembly event
  • Defeat Helliquary Raid Bosses as many times as possible

Apart from completing and claiming weekly rewards, you can also buy upto four items from the Hilt Trader. If you are a free-to-play player, completing these tasks is highly recommended since the rewards will make your overall account more powerful in the long run. That said, many of these tasks will only be available when you reach the end game.