Sea of Thieves daily bounties July 12 to 21 and where to find them

Every available Daily Bounty in Sea of Thieves.

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Daily bounties are a way for players in Sea of Thieves to complete various activities while setting sail with friends and have a reason to return every day for routine prizes. You won’t be able to find the daily bounty available in your game. Instead, you need to look for them in the “What’s New?” section of the main menu before you party up with friends, or in the Event Hub on the Sea of Thieves official page. 

You can know ahead of time what daily bounties you need to do by visiting the Event Hub on the Sea of Thieves’ official page, and you can see what ones you missed. Here are all of the available daily bounties in the game.

  • July 12 to 13: Take 5 Gunpowder barrels to the Merchant Alliance – Doubloons
  • July 14 to 15: Set foot on Morrow’s Peak Outpost – Gold
  • June 15 to 16: Deliver a Mermaid Gem to the Gold Hoarders – Gold
  • July 16 to 17: Launch yourself from a cannon onto a ship’s deck – Doubloons
  • July 17 to 18: Unlock a Skeleton Fort Vault – Doubloons
  • July 18 to 19: Deliver an Orchid Pondie to Hunter’s Call – Gold
  • July 19 to 20: Seek out Umbra – Gold
  • July 20 to 21: Deliver a Mermaid Gem to the Merchant Alliance – Doubloons

These activities vary in difficulty. Some of them you will need to do with other pirates, such as taking on the hefty challenges of the game or doing a quick activity together, and others you will be able to do by yourself. You can make sure to check back to the Sea of Thieves website to investigate what daily activities are available for you to do.

We’ll be updating these bounties every week, whenever they refresh in the Sea of Thieves.