All Dark Wood Hidden Lair spawn locations in Diablo Immortal

Hidden Lairs hold great rewards.

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Hidden Lairs are mini-dungeons that are sprinkled around each of the maps in Diablo Immortal. As you roam through an area, you will notice a notification that appears in the center of the screen that says a Hidden Lair has been opened. This means that you can find and participate in a small dungeon to earn some extra loot. There are a total of 10 Hidden Lair spawns in the Dark Wood area of the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell exactly what dungeon has opened. So here are all the Dark Wood Hidden Lair spawn locations in Diablo Immortal. We will break the map up into sections since the area is so big.

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Blackstone Village / Derelict Timberyard

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The first area you will find in the Dark Wood is Blackstone Village. Shortly after that, you will enter the Derelict Timberyard section. While these areas are crawling with enemies, they also have three Hidden Lair spawns that you can find. Starting on the eastern side of the map, you can easily hit all three spawn locations before heading to the more northern sections of the map.

Nesting Grounds / Fetid Swamp

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After progressing through the Dark Woods, you will come across the Rogue Battlecamp. This is a safe area where you can rest while you wait for the Hidden Lairs to open. From this location, you can quickly check the areas to both the north and south. Make sure to scan over the areas that look like tombs. This is where the Hidden Lairs spawn in this area.

Tree of Inifuss / Sanguine Ruins

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The most northern area of the Dark Woods is the Tree of Infuss. Nearby this is the Sanguine Ruins. Between the two areas, there are five spawn locations for the Hidden Lairs to appear. You can easily access this area using the two northern waypoints at the Tree of Inifuss and the Forgotten Tower.