All Dead by Daylight offerings and uses

Burn these before you start the trial.

Dead by Daylight killer perks

Before heading into a round of Dead by Daylight, players are given a chance to select their items, perks, character, and often forgotten, an offering. Offerings are small trinkets or objects offered to the Entity to alter the game in some way, whether it is giving you extra bloodpoints, taking you to a specific location, or keeping your friends close.

Once burnt, offerings will be removed from your inventory unless another player burns the same offering. If two players use conflicting offerings, such as area-specific offerings, the rarer offering will be accepted, and the more common will be returned to the player. If both offerings are the same rarity, they will both be returned to the players.

Bonus Bloodpoints

Some offerings give bonus bloodpoints to specific categories. Uncommon offerings give a 50% increase in bloodpoints, common offerings a 75% increase, and rare items increase the bloodpoint gain by 100%. The following offerings are exclusive to survivors.

Category25% 50% (Common) 75% (Uncommon) 100% (Rare)
ObjectivesBog Laurel SatchetFresh Bog LaurelFragrant Bog Laurel
SurvivalCrispleaf Amarant SachetFresh Crispleaf AmaranthFragrant Crispleaf Amaranth
AltruismPrimrose Blossom SachetFresh Primrose BlossomFragrant Primrose Blossom
BoldnessSweet William SachetFresh Sweet WilliamFragrant Sweet William
All CategoriesSealed Envelope (Uncommon)Escape Cake
All CategoriesBound Envelope
(Rare + All survivors)

Killers have their own bloodpoint buffing offerings.

Category25%50% (Common)75% (Uncommon)100% (Rare)
BrutalityTanager WreathDevout Tanager WreathArdent Tanager Wreath
DeviousnessRaven WreathDevout Raven WreathArdent Raven Wreath
HuntingSpotted Owl WreathDevout Spotted Owl WreathArdent Spotted Owl Wreath
SacrificeShrike WreathDevout Shrike WreathArdent Shrike Wreath
All CategoriesHollow Shell (Uncommon)Survivor Pudding (Uncommon)

For the yearly celebration of the game’s release, a special offering gives all players in the match a 100% increase in bloodpoints to all categories.

  • Bloody Party Streamers (Rare)
    • 100% increase to all categories for all players
  • Gruesome Gateau (Uncommon)
    • 103% increase to all categories for all players
  • Ghastly Gateau (Uncommon)
    • 104% increase to all categories for all players


Luck is a factor that affects the survivor’s chances of removing themselves from a hook or getting out of a bear trap.

1% increase2% increase3% increase
Chalk Pouch (Common)Cream Chalk Pouch (Uncommon)Ivory Chalk Pouch (Rare)
Salt Pouch (Uncommon + All survivors)Black Salt Statuette (Rare + All survivors)Vigo’s Jar of Salty Lips (Very Rare + All survivors)

Basement Location

Two offerings can change the location of the basement.

  • Bloodied Blueprint (Common)
    • Reveal the Aura of basement hooks to you for 20 seconds at the start of the trial
    • Increase the chances of spawning in the main building basement (if possible)
  • Bloodied Blueprint (Common)
    • Reveal the Aura of basement hooks to you for 20 seconds at the start of the trial
    • Increase the chances of spawning in the killer shack building (if possible)


The hatch is an incredibly difficult landmark to find. These offerings will place the hatch in two special locations, making them easier to access when the time comes.

  • Annotated Blueprint (CommoN)
    • Increases the chances of the hatch spawning in the Killer Shack (if possible)
  • Vigo’s Blueprint (Common)
    • Increases the chances of the hatch spawning in the main building (if possible)


Coin offerings change the amount of chests found throughout the map, giving players more or fewer opportunities to find new items.

  • Cut Coin (Very Rare)
    • Removes 2 chests
  • Scratched Coin (Uncommon)
    • Removes 1 chest
  • Tarnished Coin (Uncommon)
    • Adds 1 chest
  • Shiny Coin (Very Rare)
    • Adds 2 chests


Hook offerings alter the distance between hooks. Further distance makes it harder for the killer to consolidate survivors on close hooks. Keeping them closer makes sacrificing all survivors that much easier.

  • Petrified Oak (Very Rare)
    • Increase distance by 1 meter
  • Mouldy Oak (Uncommon)
    • Decrease distance by 1.5 meters
  • Rotten Oak (Rare)
    • Decrease distance by 2.5 meters
  • Putrid Oak (Very Rare)
    • Decrease distance by 3.5 meters

Dark Mist

The dark mist modifiers change how easy it is for survivors to see around the map. These can either clear or thicken the mist to make it harder to see, giving killers an edge.

  • Clear Reagent (Common)
    • 50% thinner mist
  • Faint Reagent (Common)
    • 25% thicker mist
  • Hazy Reagent (Uncommon)
    • 50% thicker mist
  • Murky Reagent (Very Rare)
    • 75% thicker mist

Memento Moris

Memento Mori’s allow killers to do what they were made to do, kill. Offering these will let you finish off survivors that you have previously hooked twice or entered the struggle stage on the hook.

  • Cypress Memento Mori (Uncommon)
    • Allows you to kill the final survivor
  • Ivory Memento Mori (Rare)
    • Allows you to kill one survivor during the trial
  • Ebony Memento Mori (Ultra Rare)
    • Allows you to kill all survivors


Shrouds are offerings that change where the survivors will spawn on a map. These are useful for sticking together to knock out objectives quickly. There is also a killer shroud that will ensure this cannot happen.

  • Shroud of Union (Uncommon)
    • Spawns the player with another survivor
  • Vigo’s Shroud (Uncommon)
    • Spawns the player the farthest from the killer
  • Shroud of Binding (Very Rare)
    • All survivors will spawn together
  • Shroud of Separation (Killer only + Uncommon)
    • All survivors will spawn separated 


Some offerings will increase the chance of bringing the trial to a specific realm or grouping of maps. The rarer the item, the greater the chance of the trial being in a certain realm. Offerings of equal rarity will cancel each other out.

Realm2x likely (Common)5x likely (Uncommon)Guaranteed (Rare)
Macmillan EstateMacMillan Ledger PageSigned Ledger PageMacMillan’s Phalanx Bone
Autohaven WreckersShredded PlateVirginia PlateAzarov’s Key
Coldwind FarmCattle Tag 28Cattle Tag 81Heart Locket
Crotus Prenn AsylumLunacy TicketP. Elliott Lunacy TicketCharred Wedding Photograph
HaddonfieldHarvest Festival LeafletDecrepit ClapboardStrode Realty Key
Backwater SwampFuming CordageFuming Welcome SignGrandma’s Cookbook
Lery’s Memorial InstituteEmergency CertificatePsychiatric Assessment ReportShattered Glasses
Red ForestPainted River RockChildren’s BookThe Latent Mask
SpringwoodThe Pied Piper
Gideon Meat PlantJigsaw Piece
Yamaoka EstateYamaoka Family Crest
OrmondDamaged Photo
Hawkins National LaboratoryHawkins National Laboratory ID
Grave of GlenvaleDusty Noose
Silent HillMary’s Letter


Wards are special offerings that prevent the loss of items after entering a trial. They also work to prevent other offerings from being fulfilled.

  • Black Ward (Very Rare)
    • Prevents killers from losing their add-ons at the end of the trial.
  • Sacrificial Ward (Rare)
    • Rejects all offerings that select a specific realm.
    • Can be used by both killers and survivors
    • Cancelled if 4 realm selection offerings are burned
  • White Ward (Very Rare)
    • Gives a survivor protection from losing their item and add-ons.