What is the Release Date for Dead by Daylight Chucky?

Chucky is coming to Dead by Daylight in November 2023, subverting expectations as one of the shortest Killers to date.


Image via IMDB

Chucky is coming to Dead by Daylight with the Chapter 30 DLC, bringing one of the shortest Killers to date into The Fog. It’s important to know exactly when this Killer will arrive because he will completely mix up the meta and ruin everyone’s day.

In early November, Chucky was confirmed as the next Killer in Dead by Daylight. He’s a licensed character players have been keen to see in the game for years. His abilities make him sound similar to Victor, the smaller of The Twins’ Killer partners. As the smallest solo Killer in the game, he’ll change how Survivors should play, which is why it pays to know when he’s set to be released and begin tormenting players.

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When is the Release Date for the Chucky Killer Chapter in Dead by Daylight

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Chucky will be released for Dead by Daylight as a Killer with the Chapter 30 DLC on November 28, 2023. Very few details on how this Killer works have been released at the time of writing. Aside from the announcement post on Twitter and the trailer for Chucky on YouTube, there’s almost nothing to go on.

When Does Chucky Enter the Dead by Daylight PTB

It’s been confirmed by Behaviour Interactive that the Chucky Killer will come to Dead by Daylight’s PTB (Public Test Server) on November 8, 2023. This is a PC-only server where players can try out the Killer before he hits the main game later in the month. No progression achieved with him will carry across, though, since even his abilities and Perks could see a change once he leaves the PTB.

Chucky will be live in the Dead by Daylight PTB for two weeks before it closes. After that period, Behaviour Interactive will work on any changes to the Killer and his Perks it feels are necessary based on player feedback. After that, we’ll have a better idea of what his final Perks, Add-Ons, and abilities look like.

Chucky is a unique Killer in many ways, but in Dead by Daylight, he’s a close match to Victor, the smaller character players control while playing as The Twins. Chucky’s Slice & Dice ability allows him to leap at Survivors and damage them. He likely won’t be able to grapple onto them as well, though, since that would be quite overpowered.

The other ability Chucky has is Scamper, which lets him leap through windows and under pallets while chasing Survivors. He also has the power to shift between his human and doll forms. In his human form, he’s aided by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray in mysterious ways that Survivors won’t enjoy.