How to turn off gore in Dead Space remake

Have the game’s bloodiest moments go unseen.

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The Dead Space franchise has long been known for terrifying fans with gory scenes. So much so, these may become too frequent and hard to stomach for some players. Thankfully, the remake of Dead Space offers a few options that ultimately make it a kinder experience that features very little gore. However, these sort of adjustments can only be accessed by searching through layers of menus. This guide will examine all options that aid players who want to remove the gore included in the Dead Space remake.

How to turn off gore in the remake of Dead Space

The remake of Dead Space offers two options that empower players to dodge most of its gory cutscenes. Firstly, the “Show Content Warning” option in the Options’ Accessibility tab notifies you directly ahead of off-putting events in the title. This notification will typically appear at the top-right corner of the screen before cutscenes that feature death or blood, though it will not stop them from taking place.

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As shown above, the other ability it gives players in the Accessibility menu is the power of hiding disturbing scenes. When this option is active, all scenes featuring deaths and blood will be blurred. Unfortunately, as its USG Ishimura setting is filled with plenty of gore and dismemberment, this will not blur any gore that can be found while exploring the spaceship, nor does this option take effect when Isaac kills enemies. It is also worth noting that these options can be adjusted at all times, even if you are already deep into its campaign.

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Aside from turning off gore, the Dead Space remake’s Options menu bears a handful of other useful tools. For instance, there are several options that allow players to adjust and improve the game’s performance and graphical quality on PC and PS5. Additionally, those wanting to change the campaign’s difficulty can also do so in the Options menu during any chapter. This includes the ability to turn on Impossible Mode. Despite being considered the game’s hardest difficulty, some want to play the feature, especially as completing it earns you one of Dead Space’s achievements and trophies.