All Dubai Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Checking every corner.

Image via IO Interactive

Every map on Hitman 3 is full of corners to explore, stories to unfold, and secrets to uncover. Each one of the six maps brings with it a group of locations that you have to discover by simply going into the area. Once you have discovered these locations, they will be permanently unlocked for you in future playthroughs, making navigation much easier.

The game’s first map, Dubai, has a total of 33 Undiscovered Areas for you to find and unlock, and doing so will net you the Dune Raider achievement/trophy.


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Easy to find as you pretty much start out in the room.

Deposit Room

Turn to your left and head through the door from the Lobby to find this room.

Level 0

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Head up the stairs from the lobby and you will find the Atrium, where a large chunk of guests are gathered.


To your left will be a bar. If you head through the door behind it, you will find the Kitchen, though you will need a disguise to get in without any issues.

Staff Area

Head through the Kitchen and out the door on the other side to find a hallway called the Staff Area. You also need a disguise in this part.

Meeting Room

From the door into the Staff Area, take a right and then go through the door that is immediately on your right. You will find a group of people gathered in the Meeting Room. Again, disguise needed.

Level 1

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Black Gold Bar

Back out in the Atrium, head to the left and up the stairs. Keep going and you will reach the Black Gold Bar.

Private Bar

On the left side of the Black Gold Bar, is an entrance to a smaller bar section that overlooks the Atrium. This is the Private Bar and requires a disguise to enter it.


Head to the back of the Black Gold Bar, through the door, and you will find the Storage area.


Now head back out to the Atrium and go across to the other side, heading up the stairs there, past the terminals where you get the map. On the left, you will find a small garden area, succinctly named the Garden.

Art Installation Backstage

From the Garden, take the stairs up to the left with a guard in front of the door (not the stairs with Zana Kazem arguing by them). This will take you to the Art Installation Backstage, which needs a disguise to get into.

Level 2

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Security Room #1

If you go down the hallway in the Art Installation Backstage, you will come across a door on your right. Head in there and take another immediate right, opening the door into the Security Room. You will need a disguise to be in here.

Staff Hallways

Head out of the Security Room and straight across to another door. Head through it and you will come into the Staff Hallways. A disguise is needed here.

Security Room #3

Head through a door on the far-right side of the Staff Hallways and through the next room. Entering the next door will take you into Security Room #2.

Art Gallery

Head back out through the Staff Hallways to the Art Installation Backstage. If you go to the other side from where you originally entered it from you will find a door that will take you to the Art Gallery, itself.

Balcony Bar

Wind your way through the Art Gallery and eventually you will find some stairs that take you down, through some sliding doors, and into the Balcony Bar.

Level 3

From here on out, you will need a disguise to access all of these areas.

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Control Room

Head back into the Art Installation Backstage and take the stairs being guarded by one man. These will take you up to the Control Room.

Server Room

If you turn around from the controls, you can see a balcony that can be accessed by climbing over some railings on the catwalks. You can then climb up to this balcony and access the hallway there. Go through the door immediately in front of you, and then the next door as well, and you will be in the Server Room.

Security Room

Head back out into the hallway and turn left down the hall. You will see a guard outside of a door. Head into through that door to find the Security Room.

Conference Room

Exit the Security Room from the opposite side you came in. Go left, across the hall, and through the double doors to find the Conference Room.

Penthouse Reception

Head through the Conference Room and take the door at the end, on the right, to enter the Penthouse Reception.

Frisk Zone

Walk about halfway down the stairs in the Penthouse Reception to unlock the Frisk Zone.


Head back out to the Hallway where you could access the Security, Conference, and Server Rooms, and then head left. Go out the sliding doors to find the Helipad.

Level 4

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Head back inside and take the stairs up to the next level. Go through the door on your left and you will be in the Study.

Ventilation Area

Go through one of the doors along the wall to your left and you will find the Ventilation Area.


Head back out into the Study and go left, into the big, open area to unlock the Lounge.


Go down the hallway across from teh door you came through and enter the first door on your right. This is Storage, and there should be a worker in there. Take them out, hide the body, and pick up the Penthouse Key they drop. You will need it for later.

Dining Room

Leave Storage through the door opposite you came through, and you will be in the Dining Room.


You should see a large, open area with from here. You can easily get there through the large hallway that is a part of the Lounge. This is the Courtyard.

Outdoor Area

Follow the left path to the Outdoor Area.

Level 5

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Master Suite

Use either of the staircases on Level 4 to get to the last level. Head to the left side of the map and you will find the Master Suite.


Head out of the Master Suite through the door you came in, and go left down the hall. This will take you to the Terrace.

Guest Bedroom

Go across the Terrace and use the Penthouse Key to unlock the door on the other side. This is the Guest Bedroom, and the last Undiscovered Area of Dubai.