All Echoing Conch shell locations Genshin Impact Day 1 – Echoing Tales

Tales from the past.

Each day during the Echoing Tales event, new Echoing Conches will appear in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players can gather them all to earn prizes and rewards. In this guide, we will show you where to find all the Conches from Day 1 of the event.

There are five in total, and they are mostly pretty easy to reach, each one telling its own tale. The Echoing Conches are broken up into groups that can be viewed in the event page in-game, so you can always keep track of the ones that you have already found.

The Echoing Conches can only be collected once each, and will not reappear in your game after you have grabbed them.

1-3 Twinning Isle – One River Flowing Down the Middle

On the southern island, can be found near a pile of old lumber and wood on the south side of the island.

1-4 – Twinning Isle – Four Winds Bring The Sound of Joy

On the northern island, to the east side, drop down a couple of levels to find the Echoing Conch.

4-1 Pudding Isle – The General

Jump from the teleporter to the lower island and you will find the Echoing Conch shell on a rock.

7-6 Pudding Isle – The Price of Experimentation

You can find this on a rock near a pile of broken wood and crates to the east of the teleport point.

7-7 Broken Isles – None Return

On the northern island in the Broken Isles, at the very top of the rocks, you will find the Echoing Conch.