All Emotional Baggage locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2

Is Loboto the most emotionally responsible character out there?

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Everyone has some emotional baggage that they are hiding away from the world, right? When you are a Psychonaut, you will encounter quite a bit of Emotional Baggage, which acts as a collectible in Psychonauts 2. To redeem each bag, you will need to find the proper tag to go with it and return it to its rightful place. Here are the Emotional Baggage locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2.

Even with Loboto’s Labyrinth being the first level in Psychonauts 2, there is quite a lot of Emotional Baggage to find. There are five total tags you will need to bring back to their bag.

Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is the easiest Emotional Baggage to find in the game because it’s the first of its kind you will come across. In the Central Office, the tag is sitting by the desks. The bag is just to the side of the giant door of teeth.

Hat Box

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Hat Box tag can be found in the Conference Room. There is a winding path that will lead to Sasha dealing with an aggressive uvula. It is on the right side of the path. To find the bag, go to Poster Gallery. Burn away the second painting of Loboto here to return the tag to its owner.


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The Purse Tag is in Dental Void. Take the first stream of air to the platform on the right. The Purse is found at the end of Poster Gallery, sitting on top of a bookcase to the left.

Steamer Trunk

You will need to return to the level later via the Brain Tumbler to get the Steamer Trunk Tag. Go to the end of Dental Void (don’t jump down the drain) and use Mind Connection on the strain of stray thoughts to reach it. For the trunk, go to Asylum. Directly to the right of the worm is another strain of stray thoughts with the trunk near a Memory Vault.


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The Suitcase Tag is located at the beginning of Asylum. Turn left and jump over to the teeth platform to grab it. The Suitcase itself is in Conference Room. Right after fast traveling there burn the poster to the left with the mouth.