All Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

Increase Samus Aran’s health to improve your chances on Planet ZDR.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread is set on the Planet ZDR, patrolled by the deadly EMMI robots. To improve your chances of survival, you’re going to want to boost Samus Aran’s total health. Energy Tanks (E Tanks for short) increase this by 99 each time you pick one up. There are many to find across the planet, giving you a much higher maximum than the measly 99 energy you start with.

Metroid Dread also brings back Energy Parts from Other M. Collect four to complete a single E Tank and boost your health in the same manner – think Pieces of Heart in Zelda. Full tanks or pieces, this guide will help you find each and every one.

Below, you can find links to individual guides for each area of the game. The guides will break out the location of each Energy Tank in those areas to make it far easier to follow.

Remember, Energy Tanks are hugely important, so if you haven’t been collecting them all, and find yourself stuck on a boss fight, it can be good idea to do some backtracking to get any that you have missed. The additional health could be the difference between life and death.