All Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

Increase Samus Aran’s health to improve your chances on Planet ZDR.

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Metroid Dread is set on the Planet ZDR, patrolled by the deadly EMMI robots. To improve your chances of survival, you’re going to want to boost Samus Aran’s total health. Energy Tanks (E Tanks for short) increase this by 99 each time you pick one up. There are many to find across the planet, giving you a much higher maximum than the measly 99 energy you start with.

Metroid Dread also brings back Energy Parts from Other M. Collect four to complete a single E Tank and boost your health in the same manner – think Pieces of Heart in Zelda. Full tanks or pieces, this guide will help you find each and every one.

Artaria Energy Tank #1 | Requirements: Charge Beam

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Step one, you’ll need the Charge Beam – here’s how to get it. Once you’re armed with that, return to the very beginning chambers of the game. Head through the caverns, all the way to the right, to find a Charge Beam door. Go through it, jump atop the next platform, then slide through the narrow opening to find the tank inside the small alcove.

Artaria Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Morph Ball

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This Energy Part is found in the room adjacent to the northwest Save Station – you’ll see it in the ceiling. Jump up and roll over with your Morph Ball to get it.

Cataris Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Charge Beam, Spider Magnet

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You can get this part once you’ve drained the lava from the north-central section of the map. From the Save Station northeast of the EMMI Zone, head into the room on the right. Use the Spider Magnet ability to climb up and shoot the hidden blocks out of your way. Go through the Charge Beam door at the top to enter the area that used to be filled with lava. Follow the path as it loops around then slide through the narrow gap to grab the Energy Part you likely saw earlier when draining the lava.

Cataris Energy Tank #1 | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Phantom Cloak

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Don’t leave the area yet! On your way out, make sure you jump up to the Spider Magnet wall to pull down a platform that’s blocking the path above. Now exit the way you came and start following the path upwards. Use the Phantom Cloak ability to slip through the Sensor Door, and you’ll be in the passage with the now-accessible Energy Tank.

Dairon Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Charge Beam, Varia Suit

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You’ll find an Energy Part in the volcanic area southeast of the Purple Teleportal. You technically only need the Wide Beam and Varia Suit to get it, but you might want to wait for the Gravity Suit if you want to play it safe. Use the Charge Beam to enter the super hot room adn make your way down to the platforms that house the Part. Roll through the opening with your Morph Ball and time your jump right to reach the ledge where the prize sits. You’ll potentially only dip your toes in the lava on the way out.

Dairon Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Speed Booster

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This is found right by the Central Unit, but you’ll need to defeat the EMMI for the Speed Booster ability first. With that equipped, charge up speed and break through the Speed Booster Blocks by the doorway. Then you can jump up to the cubby holding the Energy Part.

Dairon Energy Tank #1 | Requirements: Speed Booster

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There’s a small area that connects two parts of the EMMI Zone in the south-central section of Dairon. Move through that to reach a long hallway at the base a tall vertical shaft. Run left to right to charge up a Shinespark, then rocket up to the top of the long shaft. You can grab the ledge holding the Energy Tank on your way back down.

Dairon Energy Part #3 | Requirements: Bombs, Speed Booster

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There’s a small hallway bookended by Speed Booster Blocks in the EMMI Zone. Approach from the west to zoom through them and reach the spot below the Energy Part. This is easier to get with the Cross Bomb ability, but it’s not required. Instead, you can shoot out the hidden Missile Block, then use some quick Bomb jumps to clear the way to the shaft in the ceiling.

Burenia Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Flash Shift

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Once you have the Flash Shift ability, you’ll start making your way up from the underwater room at the base of Burenia. You probably saw this Energy Part on the way down, but the breakaway part of the floor prevented you from reaching it. With the Flash Shift, you can zip right over those blocks, cling to the magnetic wall, and reach the Part above.

Burenia Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Speed Booster

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Between the two trams from Dairon is a hallway with a powerful fan. Charge up your Speed Booster while running against the wind to break through and reach the Part.

Ghavoran Energy Tank #1 | Requirements: Ice Missile

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You can get this right after you’ve beaten the Ghavoran EMMI and acquired its Ice Missile ability. Exit through the highest eastern door and hop up to the ledge in the next room. Use your new Ice Missile to destroy the fiery Enky blocking the way, and the E Tank will be yours.

Ghavoran Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, Ice Missile

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This is found just below the previous Energy Tank, in the large open portion of the same chamber. Along the left-hand wall is a Grapple Beam Block you can yank away, but you’ll need to use an Ice Missile on the nearby flower first – it’ll wither away after just a second otherwise. While it’s frozen, yank away the Grapple Beam Block then fire a Missile to destroy its neighboring block. The Energy Part is inside it, so jump to the ledge and tuck into Morph Ball form to grab your prize.

Elun Energy Tank | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs

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This is the only E Tank in Elun, and it’s found in the room immediately west of the Chozo Soldier fight. The easiest way to get it is to shoot out the Beam Blocks then wall jump up to the alcove. Drop a Bomb to break the next block and roll over to the upgrade.

This guide is a work in progress. Check back soon for updates!