All Burenia Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

Diving into Burenia’s deep waters can win you some health-boosting treasures.

Image via Nintendo

Samus Aran can’t drown in Metroid Dread, but that doesn’t make the waters of Burenia any less dangerous. If you want to survive the swimming enemies and other dangers of the region, you’re going to want more health. Energy Tanks can help you out – each one increases your energy by 99.

You can also find Energy Parts in Burenia’s waters. For every four of these, you’ll get another full Tank. If you’re ready to go deep-sea diving for more energy, we’ll show you where to find all of these treasures.

Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Flash Shift

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have the Flash Shift ability, you’ll start making your way up from the underwater room at the base of Burenia. You probably saw this Energy Part on the way down, but the breakaway part of the floor prevented you from reaching it. With the Flash Shift, you can zip right over those blocks, cling to the magnetic wall via the Spider Magnet, and reach the Part above.

Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Speed Booster

Screenshot by Gamepur

Between the two trams from Dairon is a hallway with a powerful fan. Charge up your Speed Booster while running against the wind to break through and reach the Part.

Energy Part #3 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs, Ice Missile

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a hidden path through the floor by the Green Teleportaldrop some Bombs to its right to find it. The passage below is guarded by some Enky, so use your Ice Missile to destroy them. You’ll find one more Energy Part beyond the door.

Energy Tank | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Grapple Beam, Storm Missile, Space Jump

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Start from the southernmost Save Station and head east, dropping down into the large underwater chamber. Across the gap is a Grapple Beam Block. Pull it out then Space Jump across the gap – watch out for a school of small fish enemies that will come straight at you. Shoot them ahead of time or hold a charged shot while jumping to slice through them. The Energy Tank is in the next room. To reach it, first use the Storm Missiles to activate all five green targets in the room. Hop onto the magnetic wall to emerge from the water and Space Jump over to the ledge to snag the upgrade.