All Ferenia Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

You’re going to want more health when exploring the Chozo ruins.

Image via Nintendo

As you explore Planet ZDR, you’ll find yourself in Ferenia, a region composed of massive Chozo ruins. This enemy base is swarming with enemies (not unlike other areas), so you’re going to want to boost your health to increase your odds of survival. Energy Tanks do just that – each one is another 99 energy to add to your maximum health.

You can also find Energy Parts in Metroid Dread. Every four of these creates a full Energy Tank, a lot like The Legend of Zelda’s Heart Pieces. Here’s how to find all the Parts and whole Tanks in Ferenia.

Ferenia Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is found in a room adjacent to the southeastern Save Station. Head there, defeat or dodge the laser bot, and enter the Morph Ball tunnel to drop through the Pitfall Blocks. You’ll see the Energy Part in the lower part of the room; roll in and drop a Bomb to reach it.

Ferenia Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs, Space Jump

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Start from the eastern elevator to Dairon and go through the next door. Climb to the upper ledge, then Space Jump up to the tunnel in the ceiling in the next chamber. Tuck into the duct with your Morph Ball and Bomb the block along the way to reach an Energy Part.

Ferenia Energy Part #3 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Screw Attack, Space Jump, Cross Bomb

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There’s a block puzzle above the Energy Recharge Station east of Ferenia’s large central chamber. Screw Attack through the blue blocks on the left to get up there, then roll off the top ledge and deploy a Cross Bomb to destroy the Bomb blocks. Quickly loop back up here to the lower row of Bomb blocks so that you can yank away the Grapple Beam Block. Now you’ll need to repeat the Cross Bomb maneuver, loop around, and catch yourself with a Space Jump to grab onto the tunnel ledge. Roll into the next room, Bomb the blocks in your way, and jump up to grab the Energy Part around the corner.

Ferenia Energy Part #4 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Speed Booster, Space Jump, Gravity Suit, Wave Beam

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There’s a whole section to the left of the western elevator to Dairon, but you’ll need the Gravity Suit to move through the cold zone and the Wave Beam to go through the door to get there. Weave through back around to the elevator. There, you can shoot a cracked wall and the explosive sac beyond to connect the path back to the elevator. There’s also a Speed Booster puzzle here. Run right to left in the tunnel to charge up, then run up the ramp using your momentum. Store a Shinespark jump at the top of the ramp, quickly tuck through the Morph Ball tunnel, and Space Jump up the next hill. From there, launch straight up to break through and reach a ledge holding an Energy Part.